Hamada Restaurant
Falafel sandwich
Hamada Restaurant

Amman - Gardens

Opposite to Al-Jam'a Bookshop
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7:00 ص - 1:30 ص
7:00 ص - 1:30 ص
7:00 ص - 1:30 ص
7:00 ص - 1:30 ص
7:00 ص - 1:30 ص
7:00 ص - 1:30 ص
7:00 ص - 1:30 ص
Payment Method
  • Cash
  • Alcohol Free
Dress Code
  • Casual
General Features
  • Opens After Midnight
Meals Served
  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
Reservation/ Appointment
  • No Reservation / Appointment
  • Indoor Area
  • Tables
Service Type
  • Self Service
  • Waiter
  • Take Out
  • Delivery
  • Non Smoking Area

Reviews (49)

  • Review Hamada Restaurant by huh
    64 Reviews |  one year ago
    Definitely good falafel and hummus!
  • Review Hamada Restaurant by Osama Al NASER
    2 Reviews |  two years ago
    كويس ونظيف واسعاره تقريبا جيده..
  • Review Hamada Restaurant by Capt . Mansour Mansour
    7 Reviews |  two years ago
    اكل نظيف و طاقم عمل محترف وخدمة راقية
  • Review Hamada Restaurant by Dawood
    4 Reviews |  two years ago
    الفتة زاكية كتيير والحمص بدون حمص الحب الفول احيانا اه وأحيانا لا الفلافل اغلب الوقت سخن عندهم
  • Review Hamada Restaurant by Lana
    5 Reviews |  two years ago
    an all time classic and a forever not changing flavour
  • Review Hamada Restaurant by Rania
    55 Reviews |  two years ago
    مطعم نظيف و اكله ممتاز
  • Review Hamada Restaurant by Haytham
    1 Reviews |  3 years ago
    مكان جميل..ديكوراته انيقة...هادئ عموما و الخدمة ممتازة و نظافة عالية...و طاقم العمل في غاية اللطف... لكن....اسعاره مرتفعة جدا اذا ما قارنتها بمثيلاته...بالنهاية هو يقدم طعاما شعبيا انصح به بتحفظ على الاسعار
  • Review Hamada Restaurant by Alaa M. Habahbeh
    17 Reviews |  3 years ago
    حماده اللي بمرج الحمام .... خدمه ممتازه و ما بتأخر بتقديم الطلبيه و الفلافل جدا زاكيين و بشهو و المكان نظيف و مرتب ...
  • Review Hamada Restaurant by Omar
    54 Reviews |  3 years ago
    أزكى مطاعم الفلافل الموجودة في عمان و نزيف كتير
  • Review Hamada Restaurant by Eng Hisham
    22 Reviews |  3 years ago
    The Hamada restaurants are well known in Jordan, but this branch (Gardens branch) is in my opinion is the best one due to being a bit luxurious and has dinning tables and free available parking area. Worthy to mention that it is not crowded most of the time and the guys working there are so gentle and helpful and make you feel that you are in a real 5 stars restaurant. Prices are normal.