Grand Cinemas
Grand Cinemas
Mixed popcorn. 10/10
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Grand Cinemas CityMall
Grand Cinemas CityMall
Review Grand Cinemas CityMall by Sara
38 Reviews |  6 years ago
As a cinema addict, I tried all cinemas in Amman and I think I've come to realize what the cons and pros about all of them. So, let the review begin Grand Cinemas are nice.. that is of course if you're gonna watch a huge blockbuster, in this case they'll put you in a nice hall with a huge screen and everything (and recently Imax), BUT if you're watching something that is not much in demand, you might be surprised to see a screen shrunk in half and you feel like you're wasting your money cause it's not really different from watching a big TV. Now, as for the food, do NOT eat their popcorn unless it's a Thursday or Friday, cause it's only fresh when there are lots of people, otherwise it tastes like plastic. the Pepsi is pretty much always half water and without gas. I never try anything else cause I think movies and popcorn is a match made in heaven Their application isn't always updated, doesn't always let you book a seat, and is somewhat complicated and not user-friendly. I stopped using it cause I think it's useless especially on the weekend. All in all, I'll still go there of course, but if I had a better option I would definitely substitute Grand Cinemas.

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Reviews (74)

  • Review Grand Cinemas CityMall by Ran DK
    154 Reviews |  10 months ago
    Really goood place. I went with my family to watch knives out during the weekend. There was only four others with us watching the movie. The staff were friendly. The cinema was spacious and clean. However, nothing comes cheap as the ticket for each was 8 JDs and then with popcorn and something to drink we paid around 50JDs.
  • Review Grand Cinemas CityMall by Sarah
    10 Reviews |  one year ago
    one of my favorite places, the people who work there are so nice, friendly and helpful, it's a great place for family time.
  • Review Grand Cinemas CityMall by Enas
    109 Reviews |  3 years ago
    They really need to develop the place as the service is really bad and the employee weren't really acting in a good attitude i really dont recommend this place even if it was the last place on earth to attend the cinema in as there is much better alternatives with even better prices offers and good staff that make sure you have a good experience as well as the speakers and the screen everything from A to Z is really bad
  • Review Grand Cinemas CityMall by madrid
    163 Reviews |  3 years ago
    ما بعرف ليش بحب هالمكان يمكن لانو السيتي مول اصلا من احلى الاماكن بعمان يمكن لانو بتحس حالك عم تحضر الفلم بالبيت تعامل الموظفين صراحة حلو وبيتعاملو مع الكل بنفس الاسلوب اهم شي انو نضيف والقعدة جدا مريحة وحلوة
  • Review Grand Cinemas CityMall by Maya
    2 Reviews |  4 years ago
    Totally unprofessional staff,have no Idea how to deal with customers will never go there again inshallah
  • Review Grand Cinemas CityMall by Áwñ
    5 Reviews |  5 years ago
    يعني من الغباء انو الواحد يتطاع عالحجم مو عالعمر عشان يعملو حالهم مهتمين و ملتزمين بالانظمة .. اكتر ادارة متخلفة في هاد المجال..
  • Review Grand Cinemas CityMall by Ahmad
    13 Reviews |  5 years ago
    بصراحه سينما راقيه والخدمه ممتازه هناك بس فيه مره اجيت احضر فيلم تفاجئت انهم جايبين طلاب مدرسه يحضروا معنا ما صدقت والفيلم يخلص
  • Review Grand Cinemas CityMall by Anmar
    2 Reviews |  6 years ago
    ممكن اعرف كم سعر البطاقه للشخص في السينما
  • Review Grand Cinemas CityMall by Dexter Edd
    17 Reviews |  6 years ago
    اذا بدي احضر شيء IMAX باجي عليها بس. ازعاج واطفال وناس كثير.
  • Review Grand Cinemas CityMall by Ahmad
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    السينما ممتازة وهي خيار جيد بين السينمات في الاْردن