Mexican pizza and fungi pizza. It was really great
Place from inside
وااو الشيز كيك مع القهوة
Gourmet Garden
Gourmet Garden

Amman - Dair Ghbar

Next to Bella Market & Freddy For Music
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9:00 ص - 12:00 ص
9:00 ص - 12:00 ص
9:00 ص - 12:00 ص
9:00 ص - 12:00 ص
9:00 ص - 12:00 ص
9:00 ص - 12:00 ص
9:00 ص - 12:00 ص
  • Valet
  • Alcohol Free

Reviews (10)

  • Review Gourmet Garden by Amal
    89 Reviews |  one year ago
    It is a very nice place, quiet and classy. Staff is very friendly and caring, fresh juices are so yummy and can be made customized according to your taste. Great coffee..they offer cards to play .. I went there twice in Ramdan and I would go again ..
  • Review Gourmet Garden by Ghada
    5 Reviews |  3 years ago
    One of my favorite places in Amman, their food is excellent and so their service. Order their sushi❤️ it is mouth watering
  • Review Gourmet Garden by D
    1 Reviews |  4 years ago
    مكان جميل وهادىء ونظيف الاجواء به مريحة تناولت وجبة الافطار به كانت لذيذة اعجبني العصير الطبيعي شعرت انه بدون اضافات
  • Review Gourmet Garden by Bebo
    6 Reviews |  5 years ago
    انا دايمن باجي اقعد اارقل و بطلب حلى و قهوة الأجواء حلوة و الخدمة جيدة ارقيلة تفاحتين ٧/١٠ القهوة ٦/١٠ المشروبات الباردة بالنسبة الي تقيلة و ما عجبتني بس الي معاي عجبتهم ٥/١٠ كا كل ٦/١٠ السعر مقبول و الأجواء عائلية
  • Review Gourmet Garden by Nadeen
    113 Reviews |  6 years ago
    جربته مرتين اول مرة كانت تجربة منيحة بوقت الغدا تاني مرة تجربة سيئة كنا المسا في رمضان وطلبنا مقبلات كانت بايتة وسيئة والخدمة جدا بطيئة الاسعار جدا مبالغ فيها في قعدة برا حلوة اجينا بدنا نقعد حكولنا محجوز مع انه كانت كل الطاولات فاضية وبعد مفاوضات قعدنا وروحنا وما حدا اجا وطلع ما في اشي محجوز
  • Review Gourmet Garden by Fadi AlMasarweh
    2 Reviews |  6 years ago
    excellent food, not even a bad thing to say, delicious food and the venue is very nice too.
  • Review Gourmet Garden by Yaser
    2 Reviews |  7 years ago
    هدوء وحسن تعامل المخدمين
  • Review Gourmet Garden by Duha
    2 Reviews |  7 years ago
    DON'T GO THERE..The food sucks, argeele tasted bad, and the prices are expensive according to the portions of the dishes.. waiters are rude and when we payed and asked them for the change they were angry at us and they were really mean!! I will never gi back to this place again!!
  • Review Gourmet Garden by Jeeran
    10 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Nice place, tasty sweets (i did not try the food yet), has argeeleh and it is not crowded.
  • Review Gourmet Garden by Shahira
    17 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Been to this place several times this summer. The location is great, close to the busy Abdoun area, still away from the crowded streets. The setting is actually in a garden, beautifully set. This a place you go to have a descent or intimate conversation with someone, not loud nor crowded, which is why I like going there. I recommend the chairs instead of the couches. Not very comfortable, especially for dinning.