Global Village
Global Village

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  • Review Global Village by Niveen
    95 Reviews |  8 years ago
    My visit to Dubai would have been a waste if I did not try the global village! Really amazing and built with a great effort! How can you be in most of the Arab counties all in one place among other countries?! Very huge with amusement park. I enjoyed my self going from one country to another in just a few minutes ;) Great idea especially the traditional shows! It was the first time for me to see Indian dance live!!! I loved it and enjoyed the shows and performance by other countries like Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine! Huge effort and a must try while in Dubai! Although some places could be pricy, but I bought a very nice jeans for a reasonable price from the Vietnam village as well as a nice bracelet from Yemen village! My husband had a nice silver ring too ;)
  • Review Global Village by Lina
    79 Reviews |  8 years ago
    For 10 Dhs for the entrance ticket you can find the entire world in one place. Shopping, shows, food, amusement games. you can find a lot of stuff from each country culture, and it's fun for the whole family.
  • Review Global Village by Arwa
    37 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Global village is like a home to me, music, cloths, food, stage entertainment, and it contains in every village something special that every country has and their dance too. I liked the Chinese and Indian village best, they got good stuff there.
    You can have fun there just by entering it, the games are fantastic, food is so varied and every culture has it's own. The place is full of joy and kids are running and playing everywhere, the families and enjoying their time and friends are shopping and gifting each other. Global village is a really unique place, its not so expensive it's really cheap, you don't have to travel to any country, if you go to Global Village you will find the same environment and sells the same things. You really have to visit Global Village, it's so fun and you will enjoy your time, trust me.
  • Review Global Village by rosh
    46 Reviews |  9 years ago
    It is a GLOBAL VILLAGE in real meaning.
    Full of fun, Shopping, Dances, Rides, Food & lot more. It's a full package of entertainment. Lot many countries & their cultures & its dance too... You really enjoy dance session of every counrty,,, So that you get knowlegde about perticular county. You also find Specific country's specialities over there,, so without going to world tour, you enjoy a world tour. I think one day is not enough( for me atleast, 1day for rides & games, 1 for shopping & visiting all countries n 1 for foooooood)as it starts frm 4Pm only. It already started this year, i think from 4th nov....( I visited twice in this month only,,, also went once last year on last day) You will find variety of iteam in different different country stall. I like potato chips & enjoyed Veg food.... I like the labanis dance & Indian dance too... I bought Saffron & Pista from UAE Pavallion,, Neckless from Jorden,, Hair clips from SouthAfrica,,, I really like SouthAfrica's wood art...Almost all things were made fron wood in southaffrica section, Which i really enjoyed,,, I bought a very small Islamic holy Quran from Afghanistan.... Cosmetics from Europe....& many more yaar,,, don't remember... The giant wheel was superb,,, the veiw from the wheel was tooo good dude... & all the games were also good. VERY GOOD PLACE, DON'T MISS THE CHANCE TO VISIT THIS WONDERFUL PLACE
  • Review Global Village by Sam
    3 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Entertainment,shopping,fun,music,shows---this is the place to have it all under one roof.For me even 1 day is not enough.The entrance ticket is Dhs 10/-.Monday is family day.It has started this year form Nov 4 till March 4th if not mistaken,long time this time.So go have fun,eat,shop,see variety of show and come home satisfied