Gaia's Cocoon
Gaia's Cocoon

Amman - Um Uthaina

Shat Al Arab St. Gaia's Garden Building #20 - First Floor.
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Reviews (20)

  • Review Gaia's Cocoon by Aliya
    5 Reviews |  one year ago
    I did my nails there , sanitary wise is very clean and the staff are really kind ; a bit pricey but totally worth it.
  • Review Gaia's Cocoon by Fajer Alduaij
    3 Reviews |  one year ago
    Highly recommended, love this place.
  • Review Gaia's Cocoon by Haya
    5 Reviews |  one year ago
    Luxury spa and lovely staff, but the prices are above average
  • Review Gaia's Cocoon by Sarah
    251 Reviews |  3 years ago
    لو في 7 نجوم كنت اعطيتهم كتير رهيبين والخدمات اللي بقدموها على اعلى مستوى صح سعرهم اغلى شوي من باقي الاماكن بس الخدمه اللي بقدموها بتستاهل
  • Review Gaia's Cocoon by Maram
    60 Reviews |  3 years ago
    من افضل الاماكن الموجودة بعمان , جربت عندهم بدكير ومنكير البنات الي بيشتغلو محترفات ولطيفات لابعد الحدود فعلا الخدمة 7 نجوم من بداية الزيارة لاخرها , كنت حاجزة اكتر من خدمة وبكل خدمة اكدو انو كل الي بيشتغلو هناك محترفين .. بنصح الكل يجربهم مع انو الاسعار اعلى من الاماكن التانيه بس مقارنه مع الخدمة بيستاهلو
  • Review Gaia's Cocoon by Nadeen
    10 Reviews |  3 years ago
    My Favorite Place to relax and pamper myself ☺️ Beautiful place, Clean, Organized, and I recommend everyone to go
  • Review Gaia's Cocoon by Sahar
    1 Reviews |  4 years ago
    أتعس صالون دخلته بحياتي !! حرقولي شعري بالصبغة وفروة راسي صار يطلع منها دم تمزقت بالكامل و شعري انجبرت اقصه كله ! على أساس 7 stars !! نصيحة مني لا تدخلوه اسم عل فاضي حرقولي قلبي بعملتهم الله لا يوفقهم مو عارفين شو خطر انه فروة الرأس تتمزق !
  • Review Gaia's Cocoon by redrose_sara.saif
    1 Reviews |  4 years ago
    أفضل صالون في عمّان عن تجربة مميز من جميع النواحي من نظافة المكان ورقي التعامل والموظفات مبتسمين وبهتموا فيك من اول الجلوس والانتظار، للخدمات ككل اكتر من رائع وعجبني موقف كمان انو في زبونة كانت بدها تدخن وأجت وحدة من الموظفات بكل لباقة حكتلها ممنوع التدخين يعني شغلة مهمة الأهتمام بخصوصية المكان وأجوائه
  • Review Gaia's Cocoon by Saja
    6 Reviews |  4 years ago
    Very friendly staff and the girls are good at what they do :)
  • Review Gaia's Cocoon by Romouz
    244 Reviews |  5 years ago
    I know I have written a review on Gaia Cocoon before but they really deserve another one with 8 stars if I could give them -too bad there is only 5 stars here-! I went to Gaia yesterday to get my nails done and like always, they were warm, welcoming, and professional. I was greeted with refreshing mint lemonade juice and quickly taken to the super comfy seat where the the mani-pedi stations are. The workers there seem happy and to like their jobs which encouraged me to ask the nice philippino lady how many hours does she work every day and she said only 8 hours because the spa cares about keeping the workers from burn out. ++ points for that one Gaia's management. They take their time doing your nails or hair and they won't rush you even if they were fully booked. Each experience I had there was 100% awesome Just take a look at the photos i've added and you'll know it is far better than any other spa you've ever visited. Highly recommended just make sure you book your appointment there at least 3-4 days earlier as they're often fully booked.