Forever21 adding so many cute and useful things to the accessories section. Loving the new stuff I got from there yesterday.
Forever 21
Forever 21

Amman - Mecca Mall

Mecca street
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Reviews (24)

  • Review Forever 21 by huh
    64 Reviews |  one year ago
    Super casual and everyday outfits, sometimes affordable.
  • Review Forever 21 by تمارا
    19 Reviews |  two years ago
    I like their clothes designs, mostly they are casual and moderately priced..
  • Review Forever 21 by Ayah
    172 Reviews |  4 years ago
    My favourite of all times, trendy and cool clothes, accessories, bags and heels!
  • Review Forever 21 by Amani
    4 Reviews |  6 years ago
    It's a bit pricey but I adore it !!!!!!
  • Review Forever 21 by Ruba
    6 Reviews |  7 years ago
    جودة الملابس ممتازة و أسعاره معقولة جدا" , كما بتوفر لديه موديلات متنوعة و جديدة على الدوام.
  • Review Forever 21 by Deena
    10 Reviews |  7 years ago
    I love forever21, but I only wish they will open up another brand somewhere else in Amman.
  • Review Forever 21 by Romouz
    243 Reviews |  8 years ago
    I like forever 21 for the following reasons: 1. Offers different and more trendy styles than those offered in spanish fashion brand stores like Stradi and Bershka..etc.. 2. Relatively affordable 3. Their sizes are more realistic 4. Not crowded 5. Awesome accessories section, shoes and bags. 6. Staff dont breath on your neck while you shop, they offer help when you ask for it 7. Spacious and fun to explore However, i still sometimes wish if their garments handle washing better ..i often set the washer to delicate mode for items i purchase from there cause otherwise, prepare to say goodbye to your favorite top.
  • Review Forever 21 by Marwa
    57 Reviews |  8 years ago
    محل يجنن ملابسه روحه والوانها عصريه وخصوصا الستر والكوتات لايعلي عليه وكمان اكسسواراته مميزه واسعاره متوسطه انا بحبه دائما بيكون عنده اشياء جديده وموده ومافي زيها بغير مكان
  • Review Forever 21 by Mirna
    79 Reviews |  8 years ago
    hayda el makan 3ando awa3i 7ilwea w 3ando tashkela kbera min kol shi ,,,,ya3ni sho ma 5atr b balik btla2i 3ando ,,bas ka naw3yea mu kter mne7a ,,,w ma bedal kter ,,,w gear hik el as3ar mobalg fiha beshkl kber ,,,ya3ni eili b USA ar5s min had b kterrrrrrr ,,,,jd r5ees as3ro ,,donno leh hon had mobalg fiha....min na7yeet el ma7l kbeer ,,w was3 w fio goraf gayar kter w marat btla2i mrtb w mart la2 ,,,w marat m3joo2 w mart la2 ,, w fi mowazfeen kter fio,,,,besr7a ana bra2i lali besafr bara jeeb min honk a7san 2iza kant marka mofdalea 3andk,,,, w a7san shi 3ando el accessories ...btl2i eili badk ya ,,,w bardo 7ilween ...
  • Review Forever 21 by Fatima
    7 Reviews |  9 years ago
    COLORFUL .. This in my opinion the best word to describe forever 21, i love to shop there! they have everything a female might need, clothes, bags , shoes , accessories and much more plus the prices are affordable but not on everything. Although i really love it but i have to admit that the quality of the clothes not so good , thats why i rate it "average" . One other thing , the staff are rude ! Once i asked a sales lady who works there about something she didn't bother to look at me and while she was walking she said "ma b3raf" !!! I have to be honest about something, they have only one cashier so you have to wait 10 minutes or more "sometimes" just to pay and leave even if you only bought only 1 item.