Foodsmith ceasar salad ... Excellent !
Beef Empanadas ... 6/10
Lamb Shawerma ... 6/10
BBQ Chicken Sandwich ... 8/10
Angus Bearnaise Burger ... 5/10 burgers are not recommended.
Creamed Spinach and Potato Dauphinoise ... 7/10
Mac & Cheese with Baked Fries 8/10
Angus Skirt Steak ... 7/10
S'mores Skillet ... 9/10 a must to try !
Bread and Butter Pudding ... 8/10

Amman - Taj Lifestyle

Terrace 2
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  • Alcohol Free
  • Smoking Free

Reviews (7)

  • Review Foodsmith by YoYo_TK
    14 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Great design and great salad in the menu , the burger very normal nothing special , and over priced , not recommended if u don't like try new places
  • Review Foodsmith by Anas
    25 Reviews |  5 years ago
    first of all the place is too crowded and the space feels crammed, tables are too close to each other. we ordered a burger, chicken sandwich, mac and cheese and grilled vegetables. the food took forever, we even heard the table besidd us complain and we were there before so it really did take forever. the quantity is relatively small like the burger is regular size but it comes with no fries or any sides so is the chicken sandwich. the sides were simply inedible. I would gladly pay double the price for a yummy burger but this one was average at most so I do think its overpriced. I didnt like the ambience as well maybe its a personal preference, I understand theyre trying to create a certain atmosphere with the interior but the chairs were just uncomfortable especially if youre going to be waiting that long for the food. this was my first experience and obviously my last.
  • Review Foodsmith by Sameh alasmar
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    الاكل عينات والاسعار جهنمية
  • Review Foodsmith by ايناس
    42 Reviews |  6 years ago
    ديكورات المطعم جميلة واسلوب التقديم مبتكر والعاملون في غاية اللطف وتتوفر مصفات لانه داخل المول لكن الاسعار جد مرفعة بالمقارنة مع كمية الاكل طلبنا سيزر سالاد كانت كميتها لا تكفي شخص واحد وبطاطا مقلية كانت اطرافها محترقة ومن داخلها كانت يابسة وطلبنا برغر كان جيد اكن اول مرة ياتي البرغر بدون بطاطا وقد اقتصرت الوجبة على ساندويش داخله قطعة لحمة وجبنة اما الخضار فكانت على جامب الصحن ولاحظت وجود طين على شرحة البندورة الوحيدة المرفقة مما يدل على عدم غسل البندورة وطلب ابني ستيك كان فقط مشوي على الغريل بدون اي صوص ولا حتى بطاطا مهروسة
  • Review Foodsmith by rand
    17 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Great design great atmosphere and great food..lovely stuff.. And the most important the prices i was surprised from ppl how said that its pricy its average like the other restaurants from the same level in the town.. Just love it and u should try it
  • Review Foodsmith by Yasmin
    2 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Over priced...! The food is good, but there is a better food with a lower price in Many places I have tried it once and I won't try it again
  • Review Foodsmith by Hani
    60 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Great design and interior, creative menu with good varieties. The concept is oven backed food using fresh ingredients. I have ordered with my friends different dishes from the menu to try as much as i can, waiter was helpful and recommended few dishes for us. We started with foodsmith ceasar salad, It is one of a few time i realy enjoy eating salads, when the waiter came to take the plate we asked to keep it we want to have more of it, the special about it is the lettuce was grilled a little bit and the sacuse has smoked taste. I love it. Then lamb shawerma came, surprisingly a very small portion each one took a bite, not special. Beef empanadas was described in different way when we ordered, basically its Burak beef ! BBQ chicken sandwich was good, again small portion. Angus Bearnaise was bad, dry and Bearnaise sauce almost has no taste. Not recommended and skip burgers there. Angus skirt steak presented well on black warm stone, however the portion is too small and the steak is thin, the sauce was tasty (garlic oily sauce) Mac & Cheese was tasty, comes in a pot, gone in few seconds. Potato Dauphinoise was okay, not special thing to be recommended by the waiter. like eating Kufta Theneye with potato but without the beef. Creamed Spinach was good. Since everything is backed there, the french fries is baked as well, tasty, crispy and healthy. Not time for sweets !! S'MORES Skillet !!! a must to try ... melted chocolate topped with marshmallows and backed in the oven, served with ginger briskets, heavenly good ! Then we tried the bread & butter pudding it was good but taste like bread and hot milk with cinnamon. We payed JD 85, we were 3 persons, it is overpriced bearing in mind the small small portions they serve. The important question, ... Will I go there again? Hmmmmm I dont know but will lean on the no side!