Food Box Co
The best lasagna in town
Food Box Co

Amman - Abdoun

Abdoun, Al Nayrouz Street Amman, Jordan
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Reviews (8)

  • Review Food Box Co by Yazan
    1 Reviews |  12 months ago
    very excellent service and the food was amazing
  • Review Food Box Co by Tamara
    3 Reviews |  two years ago
    Excellent food Good price Really delicious
  • Review Food Box Co by Eng-Firas
    24 Reviews |  3 years ago
    سعره مرتفع قليلا ولعشاق اااسبوي غقط
  • Review Food Box Co by Ghena
    37 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Small place in Abdoun, next to treats and beans. I've tried it a couple of times and wasn't disappointed. The quality of food is good, it doesn't take long for your food to be prepared and the kitchen is open so you can see that they're clean and use fresh ingredients. I tried their kani salad and sweet and sour chicken with rice and loved both. We ordered a couple more items, and everything was up to standards. I would recommend this place if you want some asian or italian food and want a quick meal.
  • Review Food Box Co by sari
    14 Reviews |  5 years ago
    المحل صغير و بتفكره من برا زي اي محل عادي , بس مجرد ما جربت الاكل عندهم و خصوصا الايطالي رح تحس انه جد عمرك ما اكلت اكل ايطالي , الي حابب يروح يجرب السباغيتي روزيه و بس تخلص حلي ب"مش عارف شو" اه هيك اسم الحلو او كرمبوليه,,
  • Review Food Box Co by Mohammed
    42 Reviews |  5 years ago
    I usually go eat there but this time it was different because I tried the best dish in the world that takes you away from the first bite, I tried the lasagna it was freshly baked and very tasty, couldn't believe that am having such a great dish in a restaurant. Then I had my desert the traimasu jar which is the best in Jordan so far and the cheapest
  • Review Food Box Co by Aseel
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    I don't recommend at all..its over priced comparing with the quality of the food that he is serving..the guy there recommended the best two flavors..kong pau and mangolian! And i ordered crispy beef with the noodles...he ordered for me the large one without asking me which size i want! I opened the box and i just found 4 pieces of the beef and the taste is just horrible and salty!
  • Review Food Box Co by Hani
    57 Reviews |  5 years ago
    I had a bad food experience yesterday. I ordered dynamite shrimps, kani salad egg noodles, pineapple rice, mongolian beef and sweet chili crispy chicken. They changes the dynamite shrimps to fried shrimps with side hot sauce. not good .... 5 pieces for 7 JD After we ordered, the guy came to our table to inform us kani salad is not available and advised us to try their new Thai salad instead and we said ok knowing that the price of kani salad is higher (5 JD) , salad was ok but not as expected. Pine apple rice was decorated with 3 small pieces of pineapple, no pineapple in the rice itself. Sweet chili chicken was good. I was surprised when the Mongolian beef served, it was mixed with the egg noodles ! this is as start ... the taste of the noodles was really bad and weird. Total invoice was JD 30 ... honestly doesn't worth it at all, with such prices you can go to better quality restaurants. After I finished i took chocolate shot from treats n beans to change the mangolian beef and egg noodle taste (chocolate shot was great and mood lifting as usual :) Finally, high prices ... below medium taste ... not recommended.