Dubai Museum
Dubai Museum

Dubai - Bur Dubai

"Al Fahidi Street, Souk Al Kabeer"
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  • Review Dubai Museum by Sandra
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    The Dubai Museum is must visit place for any visitor to the U.A.E. Although the city boost the world best malls, Dubai Museum hold a charm all of its own. When one enters the Museum you travel into old Dubai, a magical place of heritiage and unique culture that is far from the ordinary. Every detail of old Dubai has been set in way that the visitor has a amazing experience of what life was like back in the old days, the set up of the bazaar, the "Jeweller' is so real that one has to pinch themselves that they are only Mannequins. The houses, rooms show the simplicity of life back then and invention of the wind tower to allow for air to come in the room as airconditioner were absent in the old times. Its shows the imagination and inventiveness of the local people. As Dubai was earlier completely dependant on the sea, the Museum has beautifully shown the pearl diving and boat building industry. Which is truly uniquely set up. The visitor has a change to take a little bit of Dubai with them in the Souvenir shop that is there in the Museum.
  • Review Dubai Museum by F
    4 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Housed in the actual acient Fort, its a small delightful museum nestled in the midst of Bur Dubai. Its an interesting place for a little visit especially in summers as its all underground/indoors with AC. The ticket is 3 dhs. The ambience especially of the the 'street' with its shops and everyday life is wonderful. The 'jeweller' actually makes one stop and take a second look to make sure he isn't real. There are helpful details with the displays as well as computerized help screens which are fun to use for the kids. There are several sections and all have been executed very nicely. Its a lovely place to learn more about the Emirati history all the while enjoying the hard work and detailing gone into making this a good museum atypical of Dubai.
    Note: Parking is a nightmare !
  • Review Dubai Museum by Saniya
    7 Reviews |  9 years ago
    They have ancients coins daggers n tools that the arabs use to use....its was a nice experience to experience that time in todays world...for a moment you forget everything n is spellbound...the museum is GREAT....n the ticket is too very I recommend everyone to go there atleast once....
  • Review Dubai Museum by Saniya
    7 Reviews |  9 years ago
    The dubai museum is a place where one who is living in Dubai(U.A.E.) or who visits here must go n discover the realities n the beginnings of this so called "MODERN HITECH DUBAI"....the moment you enter here its like entering in the history....u get to know each n every petty things about arabs living here earlier in desert.....the blacksmith...goldsmith...shopkeeper...every single piece was marvellous....The olden houses with wind shields to ventilate was a pleasing sight n off course very informative...they have a video showing the developements that took place here....the sculptures are soo natural that they are about to speak...and with th