Dr. Rula Qatami - Birth & Beyond
Dr. Rula Qatami - Birth & Beyond

Amman - Abdoun

Ahmad Arousi Street - Farah Abdoun Complex - 2nd Floor - Above Cozmo Market
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Reviews (3)

  • Review Dr. Rula Qatami - Birth & Beyond by Grace
    2 Reviews |  4 years ago
    A must for every mom to be! Their Lamaze and first aid courses are very educational. Their prenatal yoga also really helped me throughout my pregnancy.
  • Review Dr. Rula Qatami - Birth & Beyond by ‫حامد الرويلي‬‎
    4 Reviews |  5 years ago
    الست رولا كثير محترمة ويكفي ما تقدمه من فقرات توعوية وتعليمية على قناة رؤيا وعلى هذا أقل ما أتوجه به اليها الله يديم عليه الصحة ويفرح قلبها بأولادها والله يوفقها وإلى التميز والتقدم دوما
  • Review Dr. Rula Qatami - Birth & Beyond by Ghayda
    20 Reviews |  5 years ago
    This is amazing! I believe it is the first pregnancy educational place in jordan! way to go :)
  • Review Dr. Rula Qatami - Birth & Beyond by Heba
    53 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Birth and beyond is the only place in Amman (as far as I know) where you can take educational courses in childbirth and baby care, Dr Rula is such a sweet consultant, she's always up-to-date with the latest information and she's always willing to answer your questions, I took the Lamaze course while I was pregnant and I've learned so much that I didn't need to ask anyone else for help with the baby and the breastfeeding, They also sell all kinds of stuff for babies (chosen brands). I suggest that every pregnant woman should go there and check the stuff they sell and the courses they have . P.S : It may not be very useful for people who don't speak English as most of the course is discussed in English , which was a yay for me :D