Rissotto Funghi (mushrooms)
Fettucini Pesto
De Chef
De Chef

Amman - Sweifieh

Ali Nasouh Al Taher street - Rum Hotel
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Reviews (12)

  • Review De Chef by Ruba Saleh
    21 Reviews |  two years ago
    الصراحه الاكل بيجنن والموظفين راقيين في التعامل والسعر كمان منطقي و اقل من المتوقع جد اي حد بيدور ع مطعم ايطالي هاد خيار كتير ممتاز
  • Review De Chef by Candrela
    37 Reviews |  two years ago
    مطعم رايق وهادي الديكور بسيط ومريح الطعام لذيذ والخدمة ممتازة الأسعار متوسطة دفعنا ٣٥ دينار لثلاث أشخاص للاسف هناك مشكلة في ايجاد موقف للسيارة ولا توجد خدمة الفاليت لمن يحب الاكل الإيطالي فان دي شيف هو الافضل
  • Review De Chef by Haneen
    11 Reviews |  two years ago
    كتير زاكي الاكل والموظفين ما في الطف منهم
  • Review De Chef by Nama
    53 Reviews |  two years ago
    Tried them for the first time yesterday, the place is hidden inside Rum hotel in Sweifieh, their food is delicious and they have a quite relaxing atmosphere with nice music, nothing so special about furniture and their prices are average. Tried the fettuccine and it was delicious. Highly recommended to try.
  • Review De Chef by Hadeel
    107 Reviews |  two years ago
    مبارح زرت دا شيف هاد المطعم من مطاعمي المفضلين للأكل الإيطالي كتير بحب الجو تبعه صغير و مريح و الأغاني حلوة الأكل كتير زاكي و نضيف و أسعاره مقبولة مبارح جربت إشي جديد rose penne with shrimps و كتير كانت زاكية اللي بشتغلو بالمحل كمان لطيفين لهيك أنا كل ما يجي عبالي أكل إيطالي دا شيف بكون أول شي بخطر عبالي
  • Review De Chef by Shadia
    85 Reviews |  two years ago
    I went recently to De Chef, the place is great, the staff were very kind and all of them are friendly, i ordered fettuccine and it was tasty, recommended restaurant thumbs up to their taste of music
  • Review De Chef by Ahmad
    43 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Food is delicious , the owner is very nice and helpful , tried 3 dishes in 1 week and they were very tasty !
  • Review De Chef by Dana
    131 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Gave them 5 stars for their exceptional customer service. Everyone there is super nice and helpful and it's obvious that customer satisfaction is a top priority. Tried the lasagna and the fettuccine, and both dishes were very good.
  • Review De Chef by suhaida
    114 Reviews |  3 years ago
    i ate lasagna and it was delicious , the other day i ate fettuccine and its very tasty , highly recommend and the place is very cozy too
  • Review De Chef by Hadeel
    107 Reviews |  3 years ago
    This place is nice and cosy it’s place is cute the food is so good to be honest I loved their fettuccine so much and the food is fresh and hot their service is polite I would love to try it again