meat section
Bakery section ( cake view
Coffee bar serving illy coffee
I saw this weird vegetable in the groceries section. Anyone know what it is?
Chocolate cup cake / small 0.75p

Amman - Seventh Circle

Essa Al Naouri Street
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Reviews (96)

  • Review Cozmo by Minas Serhan
    1 Reviews |  14 days ago
    طول عمري ما بشتري غير من كوزمو صرلي ١٢ سنه بالبلد بس توصل انو اليوم اكتشف فيراااااان ؟؟؟؟؟؟ انا و واقفه بال parking شفت فارين بيركضو عند السيارات ما بعرف هو اهمال ولا من الشوب بس بغض النظر لازم معالجة الموضوع لان شو ضمني انو الاغراض الي عم بلمسا او بشتريا مو ماشي عليا فار !!!!!! الواحد بكفيه كورونا صراحه
  • Review Cozmo by Mustafa Arabas
    23 Reviews |  12 months ago
    مول للطبقة الثريه فقط، ولا يحتوي على تنوع ولا مكان للعب للاطفال. اسعاره نار.
  • Review Cozmo by Rakan
    2 Reviews |  one year ago
    Every things you have can find it at cozmo
  • Review Cozmo by Areen
    5 Reviews |  one year ago
    Nice supermarket.. I love’t ❤️
  • Review Cozmo by anas hindi
    4 Reviews |  two years ago
    A place where I felt safe to shop, everything was clear and not difficult to find. I particularly loved the service for the meat section, however i felt discomfort when it comes to parking. i highly recommend people to buy from cozmo as it really exceeds ones expectation.
  • Review Cozmo by Saja
    80 Reviews |  two years ago
    Its such a good place where you can find all u need in one store
  • Review Cozmo by John
    2 Reviews |  two years ago
    I used to shop at Cozmo but now i shop at miles, Cosmo became a poor place to shop, you find low quality items and not everything available all the time,
  • Review Cozmo by Dania
    37 Reviews |  3 years ago
    We always go there to get our grocery, it's very organized and clean, you can find a lot of things there htat you don't find in other supermarkets.
  • Review Cozmo by Shadia
    85 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Cozmo is the best hypermarket in Amman and you can find everything you want.
  • Review Cozmo by Rami
    192 Reviews |  3 years ago
    مكان حلو و راقي للتسوق .. مواقف سيارات متوفره .. المكان نظيف و مرتب وجو حلو .. منتجات مشكله و منوعه سواء غذائيه او مستلزمات ثانيه .. وممكن تلاقي عنده منتجات خاصه فيه غير متوفره بمكان ثاني .. خدمة عملاء عادي جدا .. وأسعار عاليه و غاليه مقابل أماكن التسوق الثانيه ..