Cirute Cafe & Resto
CERUTTI cafè تصميم المحل عادي ما كتير حلو معجق شوي بس ماشي حالو
Cirute Cafe & Resto

Amman - Taj Lifestyle

Abdoun - Taj Mall
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General Features
  • Child Seat
Internet Connection
  • Free Wifi

Reviews (12)

  • Review Cirute Cafe & Resto by Suha Alquraan
    20 Reviews |  one year ago
    The service is good . The place is clean
  • Review Cirute Cafe & Resto by Hassan
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    I enjoyed the place food is very good , service is friendly and nice view if you set on the Terrence , I will go back again ( especially that it's family friendly ) and I recommend it Love fettuccine . Great home made desserts
  • Review Cirute Cafe & Resto by Dental
    3 Reviews |  5 years ago
    .The prices are soooo expensive in comparesent to the service they provide .Workers are not hospitable .The service is awful . The place ,tables and chairs are soooooo dirty .
  • Review Cirute Cafe & Resto by Anas
    25 Reviews |  5 years ago
    service was good however the food was below average so is the coffee
  • Review Cirute Cafe & Resto by Ghufran
    294 Reviews |  5 years ago
    شوفو خدمتهم روعة وبحبهم كتير واكلهم بيشهي ان كان الفتوتشيني والا شيكن ماشروم والستيك كلو زاكي والديزارت كمان يعني هو راااائع واستحينت اعطيه بس تلات نجوم
  • Review Cirute Cafe & Resto by Mohammad
    6 Reviews |  6 years ago
    You choose this place for the name, you get a big surprise of how awful the service is. Kinda sad how much money the owner spends on opening this place, and yet hire people like these.
  • Review Cirute Cafe & Resto by Hassan
    15 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Very slow service despite place wAs 50% occupied, table was sticky , milk shake strawberry was strawberry-less except colouring !
  • Review Cirute Cafe & Resto by Mohammad
    19 Reviews |  6 years ago
    اعجبني المكان من الخارج. طلبنا قهوة اسبرسوا وهندية. للاسف كانت باردة ولما سألت اخبرني النادل انه هيك ثطريقة تحضيرها. بعتقد انه احنا بالاردن بنشرب قهوة اكثر من كل اوروبا وبنعرف طعم تمنا بالاكل والقهوة. الخدمة جيدة والمكان نظيف. تعامل الموظفين جيد جدا. المكان واسع وجيد للاجتماعات مع الاصدقاء. الاسعار اغلى من مستوى القهوة اللي بيقدمها.
  • Review Cirute Cafe & Resto by Randa
    308 Reviews |  7 years ago
    قعدته كتير حلوة والموظفين كتير تعاملهم رائع نظيف واسعارهم ممتازة وجربنا عندهم ميلك شيك فراولة واشي كتير طيب مكون من بوظة وقهوة. والاطلالة في القعدة الخارجية حلوة كتير.
  • Review Cirute Cafe & Resto by Najwan
    39 Reviews |  7 years ago
    And the Dilemma continues with this place. After visiting Mecca Mall's branch, I passed by the one at Taj MALL. What does Cerutti (Seemingly an Italian Name) with Italian Decorations, have anything to do with SHISHA? My mind is spinning! I think we are lost in translation....