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"Shop # D28, 3rd Floor, Abu Dhabi Mall, Street # 10"
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Reviews (6)

  • Review Cinnabon by Joe
    10 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Cinnabon is tasty and delicious, it's one of the competitors to be the best in Abu Dhabi along with Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts but it's not really my type of thing. Everyone raves about this store with the products you get cakes and coffee/other drinks. But sometimes the smell puts you off going inside if you don't like the really sweet smell
  • Review Cinnabon by Judith
    60 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Although Cinnabon is a great stall in Carrefour which sells delicious buns, either singly or in a or in a box. The smell is so over powering it makes you feel quite queasy. I am a fan off Cinnabon but Jeeran asked for good or bad reviews and this is mine.
  • Review Cinnabon by Asma
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    my VERY favorite cafe in AD, and its all because of their Mouth-watering, delicious cinnamon rolls! they bake them right infront of you. without a doubt they make the best cinnamon rolls in the country, perhaps the world! I study in RAK, so whenever i'm back in AD for the weekend my first destination is cinnabon. They have good refreshing drinks too, Hot and cold drinks. in the AD mall branch, they have a beautiful view to the Rotana Hotel's swimming pool and the blue water of the sea too. you'll enjoy it there whether you're going for a cinnamon roll or even enjoying their awesome Seattle hot drinks. They have three branches so far; AD mall, At al corniche and in al Wahda mall. I STRONGLY recommend this place for EVERYONE!
  • Review Cinnabon by Noor
    4 Reviews |  9 years ago
    This is the best place in Abu dhabi to buy a tasty cinnabon from. Anyway I love how you can watch them baking the cinnabon right before your eyes, this is definatly the most mouth watering cinnabon, filled with chocolate (black & white) and nuts.
  • Review Cinnabon by Mohammad
    56 Reviews |  9 years ago
    THIS PLACE ROCKS. You can find a really delecious cinnabon there. The place is clean and you can see them making the cinnabon in front of you. Will the price is sort of high but one small cinnabon can do the job and fill your Stomach. You can either eat there in the mall or you can take it home and enjoy it there. I really recomend you to give a visit to this place.
  • Review Cinnabon by haneen
    32 Reviews |  9 years ago
    ITS DELICIOUS, Cinnabon bakeries are the modern versions of bakery, friendly atmosphere., cheerful and timely service.
    its the best choice for Cinnamon lovers .