Chappan Bhog
Chappan Bhog

Abu Dhabi - Al Markaziya

Ground Floor, Hot Bread Bakery Building, Zayed 2nd Street Electra Road
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  • Review Chappan Bhog by rosh
    46 Reviews |  9 years ago
    If you want to try something very SPICY kind of Indian food,This will be the best option. But for me it's very spicy as i can't eat spicy food.
    Good food but sometimes it refuse to serve few iteams,as they don't have it.For example last time we ordered VadaPau,they said NO(we don't have it)then we ask for Samosa,They said NO,As they don't have it, like wise everytime it happenes. Means options became less. Its Kulfi was too good. I noticed that; this place always remain full.(May be bocause it's not big) & It's always full mean (May be) people like its food.