Cerutti Café
Cerutti Café

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  • Review Cerutti Café by Haneen
    11 Reviews |  two years ago
    They have a good offers in ramadan
  • Review Cerutti Café by Najwan
    38 Reviews |  8 years ago
    I just came back from this cafe. Prior entering you are drawn by its vintage style. Their display of the coffee pots on the wall is quite nice. The taste of the coffee is quite good actually, but the service is.... I dont know what to say... They serve you coffee and let you go... No passion... The Music was sooooo super loud I could not hear the other person talking to me, and it was POP!!!!! It conflicted with the Vintage style of the cafe... What does 2013 pop music have to do with a so called old style cafe??? It would have been nicer to hear opera or classical music or jazz or blues which would be in harmony with the cafe... Maybe closing up the space a little would help too so one is not exposed totally to the traffic of the mall & its noise. Finally tables are not spotless clean... Again no passion.