Chips and dip
Buffalo wings
Classic burger
Complimentary Chocolate cake :)
Table setup
Nicely decorated front area with a view of their kitchen
Centro Diner
Centro Diner

Amman - Taj Lifestyle

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9:30 ص - 11:30 م
9:30 ص - 11:30 م
9:30 ص - 11:30 م
9:30 ص - 11:30 م
9:30 ص - 11:30 م
9:30 ص - 11:30 م
9:30 ص - 11:30 م
  • Indoor Parking
Payment Method
  • Cash
  • Serves Alcohol
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  • Accept Credit Cards
General Features
  • Child Seat
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  • No Reservation / Appointment

Reviews (15)

  • Review Centro Diner by Omar
    54 Reviews |  3 years ago
    on the most delicious restaurants for dinner, and it is really comfortable
  • Review Centro Diner by Rima
    10 Reviews |  4 years ago
    Great ambience. Great food. The only take that the waiters are not fully attendant to the customers.
  • Review Centro Diner by Nadeen
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    I like it so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Review Centro Diner by Najwa
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Quality was average at Taj Mall branch. The sizzling fajita was actually not even hot. Salad portion too small vs. price. Service was not bad. But way overpriced. 4 dishes tried, and the only edible thing was the salad.
  • Review Centro Diner by Rand
    5 Reviews |  7 years ago
    The food is outstanding and the staff are just perfect honestly i didnt expect it but it was wonderful The place is cozy nice music the color red is everywhere just love it very upscale american style dinner
  • Review Centro Diner by Farah
    6 Reviews |  7 years ago
    My first experience was great In this restaurant the outdoor area attracted me so I went with my friend to have ice cream and it was so good they give you nachos for free.
  • Review Centro Diner by Yara
    8 Reviews |  7 years ago
    There is something about diners that attracts me! The simple menus, sixties feel, fatty foods where almost everything is either slathered with cheese or deep fried...this all makes it so attractive when you've had a bad day, need a bite to eat and don’t want to be bothered to wash your hair! Having said that Centro Dinner is not your typical dinner...the menu has a good variety (with even healthy options!), the meet and greet "chips and salsa" is amazing. It tasted fresh and was served right away. We ordered an extra guacamole which was one of the best i have ever had (even in authentic Mexican restaurants). We ordered a platter of fried goodies and everything on it was fried perfectly with no excess oil, the shrimps where still soft from the inside, the cheese sticks were heavenly and the spicy chicken tenders were just amazing! I say when something as simple as a fried platter is done this perfect then you’ve got on your hands an excellent chef! If you are looking for a diner experience then this place is not what you want, but if good, simple delicious food is what you want then I highly recommend! Too bad the place is located inside Taj Mall! I would definitely go there more often if it was somewhere less crowded and commercial.
  • Review Centro Diner by Batoul
    10 Reviews |  7 years ago
    the food was yummy but nothing special, it's certainly pricey specially the steaks and grilled chicken, the burgers are average price wise and taste wise, the setting is lovely, the music was nice, there is outdoor seating, i think im going to give the place another visit just to try some of the other dishes.
  • Review Centro Diner by Mirna
    80 Reviews |  7 years ago
    من المطاعم ايلي بحب أرجع عليها ،،، أول تجربة ايلي كانت فيو ،،،بس ما فيني أحكم ع كل شي ،،لأنو بس جربت الحلو عندهم ،،،كان طيب ما بقدر أعطي 10/10 يعني 8/10 ..جربت chocolate fondant طيبه كانت ...الخدمه كتير منيحة ،،،ولم طلبنا حكلنه إنو بدها وقت شوي ،،،وبعد ما خلصنا سألونا كيف كان الحلو وكيف الشيبس مع ديب كان وحكينا رأينا ،،،إنو ما عجبنا الشيبس وديب مو زبطين سوى ،،،، وتقبلو الرأي وحكولنا نشالله مرة جاي بتلاءو شي أحسن من هيك ،،، وأسعار مو كتير غاليه وسط ،،، اعدتو برى حلوه ،،، نضيف محل من برى ،،، بس كان في عيب بسيط إنو ألة الكاش خربانه كانت وما في فاتورة... تجربه بسيطة بس حلوه
  • Review Centro Diner by دعاء
    328 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Went there on a Thursday night, was one of the few places that was not crowded. We sat in the outside seating area as it was very hot. They served us immediately with a basket of nachos and salsa. we asked if our order will take a lot of time and the waiter said no, but it took them more than 25 minutes to prepare 2 burgers which i found crazy! the fries as mentioned in other reviews was one of the worst frozen ones you can ever try. Very thin and oily and yellow! The ice tea which they bragged about making and not being from a machine was not good, very sweet i had to add water to it. But to be fair, the burgers were really really good.