Salad and Steak Sandwich
apple pie, :)
traditional breakfast
Bigger Better Burger, its ok nothing special about it.
hooked on salmon, its ok
Casper and Gambini's
Casper and Gambini's
Review Casper and Gambini's by Rakan
6 Reviews |  9 years ago
I love and appreciate great burgers and I was looking forward to try Gasper's burger. My preference is always medium done and that is what I ordered from our waiter and double checked with him to make sure he noted MEDIUM. When I got my order, the meat was grilled to a very well-done. When I complaint to the waiter he took my dish back to the kitchen then came back to me with the same dish two minutes later trying to convince me that it is better to eat it like this! Feeling it was useless to argue with the water I asked to speak with the manager who also came and tried to convince me with the same thing. When I insisted to know the real reason behind this, he explained that the beef patty itself is not of quality that can be grilled to only medium done! This was shocking to me and furiously I asked him "so if your burger quality is bad to be served in medium, how does it turn good to be served as well-done? why do you serve it in the first place???!!" Then the manager started coming up with all sort of nonsense excuses and insisted that the quality of the meat is surely excellent and has nothing to do with it! So I furiously asked him to go prepare for me what i originally asked for... 15 minutes later, my burger comes. It was medium done indeed by when i cut through it, the meat patty's color was greyish and not red or pink. It was really disgusting as if it was cooked in a microwave.... Conclusion, the burger patty meat quality is BAD and if it is not good to be served medium then it is NOT GOOD to be served in any form... To add insult to injury, they could not admit their mistake, they haven't tried to apologies in any way and I had to pay for the crappy burger!

Amman - Abdoun

Emad Al Kurdi Street -Next to lemon and Jordan Bank
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Reviews (41)

  • Review Casper and Gambini's by Ghena
    39 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Its a good place to chill with your friends in, or for meetings since its not noisy at all. They have a good variety of drinks and food, I tried the truffle sliders and they were very delicious. The service is great and the staff are very friendly. You can choose to either sit outside or inside, both are very organized and the tables arent crowded together like you see in other places.
  • Review Casper and Gambini's by Yazan
    3 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Very nice burger and dynamite shrimps. Nice place and service.
  • Review Casper and Gambini's by Dr-lorauns
    9 Reviews |  4 years ago
    Top and special but expensive with unique drinks specially herbal as ginger mix
  • Review Casper and Gambini's by Dana
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Good place to dine in
  • Review Casper and Gambini's by Mira
    49 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Caspers is a nice place to go to at weekends if you just want to chill with friends. Plus it's suitable for business meetings at lunch time. I don't usually eat there, sometimes people say the food is really good and sometimes just okay. It all depends on the taste I guess. I recommend the place especially at summer nights, you can sit on the terrace and enjoy a nice breezy evening.
  • Review Casper and Gambini's by Noor
    49 Reviews |  6 years ago
    مكان رايق و مرتب خدمة جيدة و اكل لذيذ طلبت فوتوتشيني ألفريدو كتير طيبة و جربت عصير جزر مع برتقال كان لطيف و أسعاره مناسبة بالنسبة للخدمة و الاكل الرائع
  • Review Casper and Gambini's by Omar
    6 Reviews |  6 years ago
    always great food and speedy delivery
  • Review Casper and Gambini's by nema alsofe
    3 Reviews |  6 years ago
    المطعم اكلو زاكي ونظيف كتير والخدمه رائعه كتير راح اجي دايما بس الاسعار نااااااااااااااار
  • Review Casper and Gambini's by Nada
    2 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Was a nice and quiet atmosphere ..... Good food and reasonable prices for the quality
  • Review Casper and Gambini's by Anton
    8 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Nice atmosphere and friendly service. However, food is not great and overpriced for the quality and portion. Head there if you're having a drink with some friends, probably with some nibbles. But if you're hungry and want to enjoy a good meal, you may want to rethink your options.