7aneen Cafe
like the mug :)
on the table
shan6et il7sab :p
Beirut sky nice combination of strawberry, banana and ice cream
Cookie and ice cream, very good.
Tastes much better than it looks. Watermelon and mint smoothie.
Good fruits combination :)
Café Hanin
Café Hanin
Review Café Hanin by Wala'a S
6 Reviews |  6 years ago
رحت انا وصاحباتي بنهاية الاسبوع الجو كان بجنن والقعدة نايس الارجيله طيبة والمشروبات كمان الطاولات قراب من بعض يعني كنت اعدة وخايفة ارجيلة الطاولة يلي جنبي تحرقني بس برضو حلوة القعدة بس الموظفين زنخين شي جفص وشي بدو يطق حنك معك وبخفف دم اسعاره عادية

Amman - Taj Lifestyle

Said Abdo Shammout Street - Store #313
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10:00 ص - 11:30 م
10:00 ص - 11:30 م
10:00 ص - 11:30 م
10:00 ص - 11:30 م
10:00 ص - 11:30 م
10:00 ص - 11:30 م
10:00 ص - 11:30 م
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  • Cash
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  • Alcohol Free
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  • Smart Casual
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  • Free Wifi
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Reviews (76)

  • Review Café Hanin by Lina
    20 Reviews |  two years ago
    المكان حلو و القعدة في حلوة , أزكى اشي عندو الشاورما و السلطات كثير زاكية, أسعار معقولة بالنسبة للأطباق الي بقدمها و خدمة متوسطة.
  • Review Café Hanin by Enas
    109 Reviews |  two years ago
    it has a great view and thats the best quality that i can label this cafe with but away from that its way too expensive, small portions and also their food good but not wow as well as the service a bit annoying in the way how ppl get treated but if ur searching for a lovely view its cool but choose the right table as well
  • Review Café Hanin by Saja
    80 Reviews |  two years ago
    القعدة فيو حلوة والاجواء لطيفة الخدمة فيو جيدة جدا و الموظفين لطيفين الديكو حلو بيحسسك كانك ايام زمان او بي بيت قديم الاسعار زي باقي الكفيهات العصاير الطبيعة عندو كتير زاكية بالزات البرتقال الايس تي بيكون حلو زيادة بس بشكل عام القعدة حلوة وبنصح فيو
  • Review Café Hanin by Reem Akl
    5 Reviews |  two years ago
    القعدة حلوة ورايقة .. والمنيو كتير حلو .. والاكل زاكي
  • Review Café Hanin by Shosho
    53 Reviews |  3 years ago
    من الاماكن يلي كنت متحمسه اجربها وكانت التجربه رائعه جربت عندهم الشاورما والكبه الاكل جدا زاكي رغم انه الطلب تأخر خدمه مريحه واستقبال حلو اول تجربه ورح ارجعلم ان شاء الله
  • Review Café Hanin by Dina
    67 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Very bad service! It took them a while to get me the menu! And then a while longer to come take my order, although the place wasn't full at all! Food took one hour to be ready!! Never going back again !
  • Review Café Hanin by Samia
    1 Reviews |  3 years ago
    الجلسة حلوه بستي مول بس طلبنا صاجبه دجاج ما كان الدجاج مستوي
  • Review Café Hanin by Abdulmouz
    3 Reviews |  3 years ago
    الارجلية مش تمام ..الجلسه جيد جدا بس الاسعار غاليه شوي
  • Review Café Hanin by Amani
    14 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Overall I would say this cafe is pretty nice and pleasant to go to. The food is great and always delicious which is why I gave it four stars but I think they need to add a little more of a variety to their menu. Drinks are pretty standard (coffees and juices). Service and staff are more attentive in the Taj Mall branch in comparison to the City Mall branch. Usually clean yet there are some cigarette burns in the cushions of some chairs. Prices are very reasonable. All in all, I would go back but at the spur of the moment if I am in the mall anyway.
  • Review Café Hanin by Wafaa
    27 Reviews |  4 years ago
    way too expensive, food portions is too small it's almost funny! Falafel is good though. not recommended.