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Cafe Burger
Cafe Burger
Review Cafe Burger by Rakan
6 Reviews |  9 years ago
It was awesome to learn of this place! A little cozy burger place and I adore good burgers and little specialty places!
I have just had lunch there and this is my review: The burger quality itself was very good although the bread bun can be significantly improved. The meat patty is nicely spiced and tasty and you can choose between a small 110g patty and a medium 170g one. In my opinion, they should also introduce a bigger one: say 230g. For those who like it with cheese, you have 3 types to choose from: Swiss, Cheddar and American. The accompanying vegetables (tomato, onion, lettuce) were nice and fresh. They offer regular french fries and curly ones and they are both ok but nothing special at all. It would be great if they would make them thicker and prepare a good sharp garlic dip to go along... In general the place is neat and have an excellent potential but I have 2 major notes: 1. They do not get the temperature preference right. I know this is a common problem in Jordan or maybe in the Arab world where we prefer our meat well cooked, BUT I have literally asked 3 times to make sure it comes out medium done. THREE times with eye-contact to make sure the order-taker understands that I know exactly what I want, but the end result was a very well-done and almost dry burger! I mean come on, the place is called Cafe Burger and having a medium done moist burger should be a standard request. 2. I paid JD9 for a 170g burger with swiss cheese, regular fries and a soda. This is not a dining restaurant; the place is more of a nice little cafeteria. To me, 9 JD's was way too much for what I got - definitely overpriced and a poor value for money.

Amman - Abdoun

Al Batoul center
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