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  • Review Bussola by Sara
    2 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Bussola really surprised me. It's not exactly out of the way as it's at the Westin, but you could easily overlook it. Great decor, beautiful outdoor setting overlooking the beach, decent service and truly excellent pizza. Their set menus are good value for money which is unexpected at a 5 star hotel and it has also has vouchers in The Entertainer. Good wine list too. I always remember how good a time I had there, but for some reason keep forgetting to go back as it doesn't really advertise or promote itself!
  • Review Bussola by Alan
    24 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I've been told by many that this place has got the best pizza in town and you know what, they're right !
    Bussola is located in the Westin Hotel and has a double decked layout - those who may be looking for a more formal fine dining experience can head on downstairs - those who prefer a more casual and open area can head up to the pizzaria above - it's got a great view facing the beach but it's an open area so probably not the best spot during summer - whichever you go for, you won't be disappointed with the food - they have a large selection of gourmet and thin-crust wood-fired pizzas - just talking about it is enough to make my mouth water ! - prices are pretty reasonable for this level of quality They're usually closed for business during summer since it can get unpleasantly warm but enjoying a nice slice of pizza and a sip of wine outdoors is fantastic during winter ! If you're planning to go on weekends, it can get pretty crowded so be sure to make reservations This place is a true gem in my book