Burj Al Hamam
Burj Al Hamam
Review Burj Al Hamam by Emad
71 Reviews |  4 years ago
Attended Iftar buffet with company Busy due to ramadan but delicious food And good service

Amman - Outside Amman - Dead Sea

Hotels Area - Inside Crowne Plaza Hotel
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Reviews (10)

  • Review Burj Al Hamam by Wadees
    28 Reviews |  two years ago
    i love this place,excellent service,delicious food and california cocktail
  • Review Burj Al Hamam by Rawand
    10 Reviews |  4 years ago
    المكان مطل على البحر ..هادئ...نظيف...خدمة رائعة...الاكل كتير زاكي والمقبلات رائعة...التجربة ممتازة ولكن أفضل موسيقى هادئة في المحل بدل الاغاني ...يستحق التجربة
  • Review Burj Al Hamam by Emad
    71 Reviews |  4 years ago
    Attended Iftar buffet with company Busy due to ramadan but delicious food And good service
  • Review Burj Al Hamam by Saleh
    9 Reviews |  5 years ago
    one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Amman
  • Review Burj Al Hamam by Ibrahim
    4 Reviews |  5 years ago
    The baddest experience I ever had ,,,very bad services with rude stuff who they fight together for who need to go to the bathroom and they miss many items from the order ,,,for me it's a baddest experience I ever had in jordan
  • Review Burj Al Hamam by IssaTareq
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Worst experience ever they should not be given Burj Hamam name as they have worst service ever and very rude staff!
  • Review Burj Al Hamam by Hana
    14 Reviews |  6 years ago
    I have never hated anything as much as I hate this place. Poor service and very very rude staff. We asked for a table for 7 and they pointed at one so we move towards it and we are almost all seated when the manager comes over to tell us because another group happen to want the same table (They walked in after us). Now, normally I would have a word with the manager and walk out because this is unacceptable in my book. But, my husband did not want to make a scene and he so nicely told the manager that there was no problem and got us moved to another table. Needless to say, the food was horrible and there was a dirty cat walking in between and under tables which when we asked to be removed, the waiter explained that it was a staff member and they can't anything to make our dining comfortable. So my sister had to leave because she is scared of cats. Going back to the food, we ordered fattoush, humus, vine leaves and they were below average. We also ordered different kinds of kaftas and they were dry and weren't pleasant at all.
  • Review Burj Al Hamam by Yahya
    1 Reviews |  7 years ago
    تحياتي واحترامي من اجمل المناطق . ومريح .
  • Review Burj Al Hamam by Aya
    73 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Im a really big fanj of burj al hamam food, but it was my first time trying the dead sea branch the food was delicious, the usual lebanese mezzah, fattoush, tabouleh.... they were excellent, we ordered mashawi it was good too but the portions are so small, we ordered mashawi for four adults and what we get could not feed 2!! adding to this dissapointment the service was too slow, it took the 20 min to serve the appetizers the interior is very beautiful, the inside and outside seating overseas the sea and the view is spectacular during the sunset I still like amman branch more!
  • Review Burj Al Hamam by Mohammed
    42 Reviews |  8 years ago
    داخل فندق الكراون بلازا, بطله رائعه على البحر الميت يكون هذا المطعم الراقي بخدمته وبأكله. كانت تجربتي هي عباره عن تجربة تقريبا كل انواع المقبلات التي يقدمها المطعم. كانت مفاجأه عندما بدأت بتذوق الطعام اذ كان في كل صنف يتميز بطعم جديد لم نتعود عليه في المطاعم الاخرى وبطعم اروع من السابق. اول الوصول يتم تقديم صحن خضراوات وصحن مخللات مشكله للتسليه وبعد ذلك يبدأوا بتقديم الطعام البارد ثم الساخن. القبلات التي تذوقتها كالتالي: - كبدة دجاج: طعم رائع, تذوب في الفم, مطبوخه مع دبس الرمان - حلوم مشوي: حلوم نوعيه محترمه وطعمها ممتاز ولكن الشرحه رقيقه نوعا ما - التبوله: ممتازه بدون نقاش - الفتوش: ممتاز ومكوناته لذيذه مع الخل يجعل طعمها اطيب - سلطة اعشاب وجرير: اول مره اتذوق هذا النوع من السلطه وكانت رائعه, جرجير مع ورق زعتر وبصل اهم مكوناتها - محمرة: من طيب ما اكلت بحياتي, حلمت فيها نفس اليوم. معموله من دبس الرمان وعليها كاشو وصنوبر مقلي - كبه: رائعه بنفس طعم كبة البيت ومحشوه بالصنوبر واللحمه - نقانق: مطفيه بالثوم والليمون ممتازه جدا ولكن الكميه قليله - يلنجي (ورق بزيت): لطيف جدا ومعمول على الطريقه الاصليه بدون اضافات - حمص: عادي - متبل: عادي - بطاطا حره: عاديه - برك جبنه مقليه: رائعه وطعمها ياخذك رحله الخدمه كانت سريعه في تقديم الطعام والضيافه جيده جدا الخبز ممتاز ولكن كان تقديمه بطئ نوعا ما والاجمل ما في الموضوع اسعار المطعم,,,, السعر ممتاز جدا جدا لدرجه ان الجميع استغرب من الفاتوره انصح بتجربته ويفضل الذهاب من فترة الغروب لمشاهدة البحر