Turkey and cheese pizza
Boho Haus
Boho Haus
Review Boho Haus by Zain
6 Reviews |  one year ago
Very nice and comfortable place

Amman - Macca St

Beside Atay Cafe - Near Auto mall
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Reviews (28)

  • Review Boho Haus by Zain
    6 Reviews |  one year ago
    Very nice and comfortable place
  • Review Boho Haus by Sarah
    4 Reviews |  one year ago
    it's great and cozy with delicious food , but you have to make an early reservation before you go because it's pretty crowded !
  • Review Boho Haus by Ruba Saleh
    21 Reviews |  one year ago
    المكان كتير عجقه اللي عالطاوله اللي جنبنا كانهم معنا اما الاسعار ف كتير غاليه الاكل لزيز والسموذي كمان بس لا يستحق هاد السعر انا شخصيا ما بعيد التجربه فيه
  • Review Boho Haus by Noor
    5 Reviews |  one year ago
    المكان ديكورو حلو بس مضغوط شوي الاكل عندو كتير زاكي والسموذي كمان وحتى الحلو . الخدمة جيدة والاسعار غالية شوي.
  • Review Boho Haus by Dima Abanda
    4 Reviews |  two years ago
    This place is awesome. Great food, great staff but it's always crowded especially during the weekend. And the prices are so reasonable!
  • Review Boho Haus by Rania
    9 Reviews |  two years ago
    Great food, cosy, and comfortable. If you are reading this, I'd advise you to go there during this period. Unlike many cafes, Boho had used the weather to their advantage. Sitting in the patio makes you feel as if you are camping. For people who like to sit on the floor, there are comfy pillows provided for you and there are camp fires that surround you , give the place warmth. Also Their dynamite shrimp is to die for ^^.
  • Review Boho Haus by Aya
    20 Reviews |  two years ago
    الاكل كتييير زاكي والخدمة ممتازة ومن الاطباق اللي لازم تتجرب: Mongolian beef Dynamite shrimps Chicken pie Apple crumble
  • Review Boho Haus by Safa
    21 Reviews |  two years ago
    The place is good in general, the food was amazing, we went on weekend night, it was so crowded, and the noise was too much we had to shout to hear each other, we asked to lower the music more than once and they did not respond to our request, I think it is better to go there on weekdays! but overall, it is a good place if you are looking for good food!
  • Review Boho Haus by Nadeen
    112 Reviews |  two years ago
    جربته المكان مبارح.. اولا موقعه بمنطقة حيوية بس ما في مواقف سيارات الا فاليه او بالاجرة.. عندهم قعدة خارجية بس لازم حجز مسبق لانه دايما فل وعندهم قعدة داخلية طابقين.. الديكورات حلوة بس احنا ما لقينا الا بالطابق التاني جنب المطبخ واندوشنا من حركة الموظفين.. الاسعار غالية طلبنا نوعين مقبلات shripms
  • Review Boho Haus by Hala Abuarida
    24 Reviews |  two years ago
    I tried their brunch buffet, the variety of food was great