Blu Tactical Paintball
Blu Tactical Paintball

Amman - Airport Highway

Next to Arab Horse club and Action Target - 300 M to the left
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Reviews (10)

  • Review Blu Tactical Paintball by Zaid
    3 Reviews |  one year ago
    This place is really good comparing with the other paintball places
  • Review Blu Tactical Paintball by Fares
    40 Reviews |  two years ago
    المكان رائع جداً وكبير بس السعر شوي غالي
  • Review Blu Tactical Paintball by Ahmad
    43 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Amazing area to play Paint ball in ,referees are not that friendly though , they care about safety alot
  • Review Blu Tactical Paintball by Rami
    2 Reviews |  5 years ago
    المكان ممتاز, الموظفين وقحين و دفشين و شديدين بالقوانين الي بتحميهم, العدة و الاسلحة سيئة جداً
  • Review Blu Tactical Paintball by Obada
    25 Reviews |  5 years ago
    i tried three different paintball places in jordan and this is by far the best one. very professional personal-clean and comfortable customs-big and diverse field. the only thing that missed are grenades which i always wanted to try but they where out of stock
  • Review Blu Tactical Paintball by Dana Obeid
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Super fun .. especially if you take the game a little seriously .. I mean by planing and tricks The judges are really helpful and kind the match area is awesome .. there is two towers that you can hide in for each team.. but there's a tower (the best one) for the team that reaches it first we loved the game .. we were ten played 5 vs 5 .. it can be played with more people but i think less than that it would be easy the place is clean and the costumes are great all rules make sense .. I loved it :)
  • Review Blu Tactical Paintball by Faisal
    27 Reviews |  5 years ago
    And this is how you can waste your time and your money . Negatives : -The judging is horrrrrrrible , basically four guys and some cameras around the place seem to have x-Ray vision and decide randomly who got shot , and rules can apply to some people and some not , also -if you argue with the judge you get kicked . -the mask is bad , can't see good through it , and get foggy sometimes, If you wear glasses you are doomed. -*****the guns aim Is twisted and useless , just shoot where ever you want , the gun isn't straight anyway , As the guy told me : it's not a real gun after all, oh yeah because I am here to sprinkle water right !!!! -you are playing suddenly the match is over no alarm before nothing like last minute guys ... Nothing . -you ran out of paint balls ? okay no problem , you can by more , .... Suddenl the judge scream"the match is over: ....well what about the paint balls I still have ?? , what about the refill I just bought ?? , the guy response (quote) "sorry you can go waste it in the air or on the Woden wall" . How lovely , isn't it ??? -I had a voucher for free entrance , BUT suddenly I can't use it , "know man , today is '3ed al-fitir' and we are busy" , how the HELL does this make sense !!!! -if you try to play the game with the actual rules , the playing area is very small , but it's no problem , the judge will apply the rules on some people and others not , so you get lucky that day . Positives : - the guys are kind and respectful - the place is clean -they are organized , and respect reservations and timing
  • Review Blu Tactical Paintball by Zaher Al Sharif
    16 Reviews |  5 years ago
    نادي حلوا وتوزيع المباني بيعطيك حرية الحركي في لاكن الزي مش كثير حلوا
  • Review Blu Tactical Paintball by Zaher Al Sharif
    16 Reviews |  5 years ago
    نادي جميل توزيع المباني حلوا بس الزي مش كثير حلوا
  • Review Blu Tactical Paintball by Mohammed
    2 Reviews |  6 years ago
    ممتاز جدا من حيث المساحة وطريقة توزيع المباني داخل الميدان الموظفين جدا ودودين صراحة افضل نادي بينتبول في عمان