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Bikers Corner
Bikers Corner
Review Bikers Corner by Amal
89 Reviews |  two years ago
Very nice breakfast

Amman - Na'our

Al Salam St. - near Jordanian Motorcycle Trading - Kawasaki
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9:00 ص - 1:00 ص
9:00 ص - 1:00 ص
9:00 ص - 1:00 ص
9:00 ص - 1:00 ص
9:00 ص - 1:00 ص
9:00 ص - 1:00 ص
9:00 ص - 1:00 ص
  • Alcohol Free

Reviews (11)

  • Review Bikers Corner by Amal
    89 Reviews |  two years ago
    Very nice breakfast
  • Review Bikers Corner by Ned Banat
    1 Reviews |  4 years ago
    أسعاره مبالغ فيها جدا جدا لو كان في تقييم اقل من نجمه لاستحقه هذا المكان! أذا لديك الجرئه كصاحب عمل ان تضع هكذا أسعار فيجب ان يكون بالمقابل لديك المهاره والمهنية لتستحق ما سيدفعه لك الزبون ، للأسف لاتناسب أبدا بين نوعية الطعام والخدمه المقدمة والاسعار المطلوبه. لا انصح احدا بارتياد هكذا مكان !
  • Review Bikers Corner by Fanuel
    2 Reviews |  5 years ago
    بصراحة المكان كثير حلو و القعدات ممتازة و مريحة و لطيفة و اهم شي انة الطعام الي عندهم كتيييييييييييير بشهي مش معقول قديش حبيت الاكل المكسيكي عندة وبنصح بقوة
  • Review Bikers Corner by Marwa
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    the worst cafe and worst food . everything was bad . it is not recommended at all
  • Review Bikers Corner by tamert wari
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    great healthy food. reasonable prices
  • Review Bikers Corner by Yara
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Veryyyyyyyyyyyy quit nice
  • Review Bikers Corner by Radwan
    2 Reviews |  5 years ago
    just left the restaurant and it was the worst experience ever.. hopefully the owner will check what the staff do as i guess they are the reason for many people for not coming back again! i ordered 7 main dishes and 2 starters.. for myself and my guests.. i got 5 of the 7 courses and they forgot my meal! and they didn't even apologize and they said that the system didn't take the other 2 main courses! they drop the juice over my wife clothes and they didn't say sorry and didn't bring anything for her to clean her clothes and didn't replace the juice they dropped.. it was very horrible experience and won't ever think about going there again
  • Review Bikers Corner by Haytham
    7 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Although I think most restaurants and cafes are worse than they really are in Ramadan, bikers corner proved to be extremely subpar, I went for a friends birthday and was greeted at the door by a lady who asked for 10 JDs as a cover charge and told me they'll give me a voucher inside with which I could order, after going inside and finding my friends, I waited for about 30 minutes after which I was convinced none of the staff would even ask me what I wanted to order, at that point I got up and called for a waiter who simply chose to ignore me!, I walked up to another and asked for a redbull, 30 minutes later and I was still there with no beverage, I actually left without being served, all in all this place will not be one that I would return to, again maybe it's because it's Ramadan, maybe because we were a considerably large party, still no excuse for the lack of service, I hope they fix this problem because otherwise, they have a nice out of town chill spot.
  • Review Bikers Corner by Mohamed
    3 Reviews |  6 years ago
    كتييييييييييير حلو ... والاحلى اكتر انو بعيد عن عمان .. منعزل بس ماشاءالله تبارك الله كتيييير حلو ... والاحلى انو جوردان رايدرز بيجو عليه ممتاز
  • Review Bikers Corner by Rania
    4 Reviews |  6 years ago
    الايجابيات: 1-اسعار مناسبه 2-المكان واسع 3-تقديم حفلات غنائيه بين الفترات 4-الديكور متناسق 5-تقديم ماكولات عالميه السلبيات 1-بعده عن العاصمه 2-بعيد عن الاماكن المكتظه بالسكان