Amman - Fifth Circle

5th roundabout - Four Seasons hotel
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Reviews (6)

  • Review Asia by ابو محمد الحسناوي
    1 Reviews |  6 months ago
    كن صادق دومن افضل مما تكون كاذب ابدن
  • Review Asia by جمعان سلامه
    1 Reviews |  7 months ago
    احب الصداقه الوافيه ولا خاوي الاشخص وافي وقاسي الراس والا خاوي الاكفو لا وقتي اتعبني
  • Review Asia by فهد الحماطي
    1 Reviews |  7 months ago
    الحب اجمل شي بدنيا مافي اجمل من الحب بدنيا
  • Review Asia by Shrikant Soni
    1 Reviews |  one year ago
  • Review Asia by Rania
    37 Reviews |  5 years ago
    oh my gosh! a horrible experience, I can't think of a restaurant where I had such bad food. we were a party of 18 people, we went there on their "all what you can eat sushi" the price was tempting, it was 18++ and that's considered cheap here in jordan for such buffet. first of all, it wasn't a buffet, they served platters with four kinds of sushi and that was it, whenever we finish the platter they bring another one. but that wasn't the problem, the food was so salty I can't even begin to describe, the miso soup was something that's just SALT. the soya sauce as well, I have had my shares of salt for a week at least, I'm not kidding! and then the bill arrives, we expected 23 jd but it was 31 jd.. when we asked why they said for the water they served us! so the buffet was cheap but the water wasn't. and here is the thing, they didn't provide us with water bottles for each of us, they were just pouring it in the glass, so if you drink half a glass or 3 glasses you'll end up paying 6++ jd for water!!! horrible experience, never going there again, and I won't recommend it to anyone.
  • Review Asia by Bill
    1 Reviews |  7 years ago
    This was perhaps one of the worst restaurant meals I have had in my life. The restaurant was highly recommended and being Four Seasons devotees we expected nothing less. What we experienced was something as close to a culinary meltdown as one could expect. The order: Asian Caesar salad, tuna sashimi, Thai Green [beef] curry served with rice, steamed cod with bok choy and miso sauce. The Asian Caesar was recommended and was actually interesting, quite tasty and well presented. The side started of sashimi was 3 slices of raw tuna on cucumber, it was acceptable without being brilliant. The main courses were both disasterous. The Thai curry was something of surprise. The flavours have nothing to do with Thai food, the curry sauce was runny as if it was soup. The steamed cod has the usual fish smell, indicating to me it was not fresh. Admittedly it was a poor choice knowing this would be the case but the bok choy was limp and tasted like cardboard, the miso sauce drowned the food and was overpowering. We expected this to be served with some steamed rice, and perhaps in our minds it was going to be fragrant thai jasmine rice. What came was a crispy grain, par cooked and totally crunchy. I did not eat the rice at all and I was surprised the server did not even notice it and ask the question if it was alright ? The service staff were pleasant, not overly efficient but cordial and friendly. For a Four Seasons I would expect more [especially on the recommendations side when ordering] but they have been trained as ordertakers and not salespeople. The main courses were totally disappointing and I expected better fare to be served by Four Seasons when you are paying Four Seasons prices. The total check was JOD 80.00 - I would not recommended this restaurant nor will I return. The decor is interesting and it suits the venue, the menu looks interesting with many options of Indian, Thai and Chinese. What I can confirm [having lived in Thailand] is the food is definitely not authentic and lacks the Thai taste. Perhaps Four Seasons cannot get the right ingredients to make Thai food properly which is strange when local supermarkets have all these items stocked on their shelves. The restaurant was busy for the 2 service staff working [besides ourselves there were 3 tables, a total of 14 guests].