Ard wa Ward أرض وورد
أرض و ورد
ازهار رائعة
Ard & Ward
Ard & Ward

Amman - King Abdallah St. - Medical City

Building # 353
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8:00 ص - 8:00 م
8:00 ص - 8:00 م
8:00 ص - 8:00 م
8:00 ص - 8:00 م
8:00 ص - 8:00 م
8:00 ص - 8:00 م
8:00 ص - 8:00 م

Reviews (4)

  • Review Ard & Ward by Laith
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    بدي زهرة توليب أسود موجود
  • Review Ard & Ward by Saddam Naber
    2 Reviews |  6 years ago
    after spending almost an hour choosing pots and plant i was on my way to cashier to pay and pick the items , i have been surprised that some of the items have been suddenly claimed as sold to another customer who i believe was more important or maybe he paid more , when i argued about it with owner, he claimed that the items were bought a while ago and kept at place for pick up! However i have heard earlier the guy who bought the items when he said to the seller that he needs the items while pointing on my items but I didn’t give any attention since I believed that the seller will give him other similar items that he has in stock, but apparently he had only the items that I picked ! With such unacceptable behavior the seller might gained more money but definitely lost a customer, which I believe again in this country it doesn’t matter as long as more money has been gained. Personally this will be the last time to visit this place after this bad experience Note: the cost of items that I planned to get was almost 400JDs
  • Review Ard & Ward by Abdallah
    2 Reviews |  7 years ago
    أحمل تشكيلة أزهار داخلية و خارجية .. و لديه احواض بأشكال مميزة للغايه
  • Review Ard & Ward by Farah
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    A place where you can find indoor and outdoor plants! Very unique collection of flowers and colorful pots! And the prices are very reasonable :)