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Reviews (2)

  • Review Arab Bank by Salah
    79 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Do not go to this branch ! any other branch will do the job but not this one, the account assistance are very very bad organized in terms of lines and time management; meaning they don't have a line, no tickets, no numbers to organize the customers which means you could end up waiting for an hour and so without being answered by anyone at all. do not come here for anything other than cashing a check
  • Review Arab Bank by سهى
    11 Reviews |  9 years ago
    بنك عريق واله اسمه وتعاملاتهم سهله ومريحة انا شخصيا بفضل دائما كل معاملاتي وشرائي ولوازمي بفيزا البنك العربي وبحسه افضل البنوك واعرقها في الاردن موظفين راقيين وتعامل ارقى بنصح الكل فيه