Amoun Gym
Amoun Gym

Amman - Jbaiha

Ammon suites - Near Al Manhal traffics
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Reviews (3)

  • Review Amoun Gym by Aseel
    201 Reviews |  4 years ago
    بحب الحلويات من عنده،وبوصي على كنافة بفستق حلبي كمان،،كتييير طيبة
  • Review Amoun Gym by ‫منصور الخاطر‬‎
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    إلاداره سيئه جدآ ولا أنصح به
  • Review Amoun Gym by Anas
    3 Reviews |  8 years ago
    well, I give this gym 2 stars,,, which is not so good for the following reasons:
    - fist of all the gym is located in the basement of an apartment building, so there is basically no out side view during exercise, the view is important when it comes to cardio exercises in ammon gym you will face the tv and the wall through out your exercise. - the steam room and the sauna are turned on at 4 pm, although the gym opens at 9 am - trainers are just sitting around, so if your a beginer you need to keep on asking them, but if your a pro, forget them. - for sure there is no pool.