Amjad Al Atary Car Maintenance

Amjad Al Atary Car Maintenance

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Amman - Khalda


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  • Review Amjad Al Atary Car Maintenance by Zureiq
    1 Reviews |  8 years ago
    ذهبت عنده لتركيب جهاز انذار وسنتر بالريموت الجهاز جيد لكن المشكله بالعامل اللي فك برواز مفاتيح الشبابيك فكه من الناحيه الغلط وكسر الكلبس مما اضطر لوضع سوبر جلو في كل مره بعدها احتاجت صيانه مفروض امجد ما يركن على عامل بدون خبره بالفك وبعدها بروح عند حسام كازية مكه معلم بمعنى الكلمه
  • Review Amjad Al Atary Car Maintenance by Nibal
    49 Reviews |  9 years ago
    This guy "Amjad" is one of the best sound system experts in Amman, i went there to consult him about the sound in my BMW, he told me that you need to replace the existing speakers with a new set of speakers in order to repair the bad "Hssss" noise coming out of them, and the new speakers have to be a genuine BMW speakers because the only genuine BMW speakers will be compatible with the radio/CD player in my car.i got the new set of speakers from a used BMW parts store,and now i have the best sound performance in my car.
    Also Amjad do oil change and AC gas refill, light bulbs replacement, everything a normal car maintenance do, he sells genuine Bosch windshield wiper blades. Hes reasonably priced and i'd recommend him for any small electrical related issues. tip: Always ask for the owner "Amjad" to diagnose your car.