Almond Coffee House
This made me smile!
Strawberry Mojito and Lotus cheesecake from Almond Coffee House
Almond Coffee House
Almond Coffee House

Amman - Macca St

Near Makka Mall
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  • Valet
Data Points
  • Accept Credit Cards
General Features
  • Child Seat
Internet Connection
  • Free Wifi
  • Smoking Free

Reviews (19)

  • Review Almond Coffee House by Sara
    5 Reviews |  one year ago
    One of the best cafe's in Amman. I tried so many drinks and desserts there. Yesterday I tried the strawberry Mojito, it's a must try.
  • Review Almond Coffee House by Rasha
    6 Reviews |  one year ago
    good coffee and variety of drinks though lakes innovation but it is compensated with very tasty pastries and food , the interior design is very beautiful with a comfy atmosphere , easy to find walking but harder to find a near parking, music isn't always suitable for a study session but always suitable for a nice chat with a friend, the staff is also very nice and easy to communicate with
  • Review Almond Coffee House by تمارا
    19 Reviews |  one year ago
    Crowded and bad serviced.
  • Review Almond Coffee House by Safa
    22 Reviews |  two years ago
    Very cool place, decorations are amazing, staff are super nice, it opens at 7:00 a.m, so can you have a cup of coffee before heading to work! I wish coffee came hot! but I could not was beautifully presented..I think this place will be one of my fav. to have coffee.
  • Review Almond Coffee House by Hala Abuarida
    24 Reviews |  two years ago
    The only thing I liked about it is the interior design of the shop, but the coffee they make is not that fancy
  • Review Almond Coffee House by Haneen
    11 Reviews |  two years ago
    It's a good place and i love it
  • Review Almond Coffee House by Fares
    40 Reviews |  two years ago
    Excellent place for study and work
  • Review Almond Coffee House by Lina
    20 Reviews |  two years ago
    Literally went there once randomly and now I’m there everyday! There almond latte is the best thing I have ever tried.. the staff is so friendly and it has an amazing atmosphere. finally something I like more then Starbucks! Coffee bean can’t even compete in this league.
  • Review Almond Coffee House by Basil
    28 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Nice place, great atmosphere, the outside is always cold even during summer i don't know why! The coffee is not that good but they have lots of other stuff, no parking so u have to vallet or walk some distance, they have a good study atmosphere and the have a meeting room with a tv
  • Review Almond Coffee House by Shadia
    85 Reviews |  3 years ago
    I'm in a love with their Latte coffee. The staff are very nice people. To be honest the best place to enjoy your time.