Al Wahda Mall
Al Wahda Mall

Abu Dhabi - Al Wahdah

11 Street
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Reviews (14)

  • Review Al Wahda Mall by Elham
    10 Reviews |  5 years ago
    انا أزور الوحده باستمرار وهومول ممتاز ومرتب. ومحلات. شامله ومتنوعة. وأسعاره حلوه بس في تخفيضات
  • Review Al Wahda Mall by Abdullah
    4 Reviews |  9 years ago
    انا زرت هذا المول امس .. صراحة عجبني فيه كل شيء تقريبا .. مطاعم ومحلات ومكان واسع وكبير ولكن الاسعار مبالغ فيها بعض الشيء ! صعب تلاقي باركن فاضي .. يتميز هذا المول عن غيرة من المولات بـ كثرة محلاته وجمال ديكور المول .. انصح الجميع بزيارة هذا المول الاكثر من رائع ..
  • Review Al Wahda Mall by Abdullah
    4 Reviews |  9 years ago
    مكان جميل جدا .. والمطاعم فيه في قمة الفخامة .. والمحلات التي داخل المول في قمة الرووووووووووووعة .. انصح الجميع بزيارته :)
  • Review Al Wahda Mall by Marlena
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    We all just long & love to be in the Al Wadha Mall every Weekend without fail to do our weekly shopping. Its because its a very homely place with varied shops,counters,bonanza,surprises in galore, discounts & offers in plenty too.A great place for shopping!!!A great place to be!!!The choice of my family!!!Its Al Wadha!!!Its got to be Al Wadha!!!!
    Yes,its Al Wadha!!!Al Wadha is my choice too!!! Come what may I stick to Al Wadha as my choice of destination every weekend!!!
  • Review Al Wahda Mall by tamkinat
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Al wahda is one of the many malls you find in this city. This mall offers branded stores of clothes, accessories, perfumes, furniture and a lot more for all ages and a hypermart - Lulu -located in the basement. What I like about this place is it has a lot of open space to hang around in, with general sit outs located in certain areas. Spacious and large elevators is another plus point. For children there is ‘wanasa land’ with its usual offerings of rides, video games etc. But if you decide to go there during the morning or afternoon hours it can be disappointing as not much activity goes on during this time. The food court here is good with restaurants offering varied cuisines. You have beirut for lebanese, mcdonalds, burger king, hardees, shamiyana (Indian), chillies, and a whole lot more, offering chinese, Italian, thai and arabic cusines.
    Plenty of parking is available at this place, this especially is a big bonus given the parking situation in abu dhabi which is pathetic.
  • Review Al Wahda Mall by rosh
    46 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Lulu supermarket, in al wahda mall is the place where one can find good choices of dates.
    Even it offers dates in promotion during ramadan.
  • Review Al Wahda Mall by Beng
    21 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I was amazed at the beautiful decorations up front at the Al Wahda Mall with emphasis on the theme of the Holy Month of Ramadan. Upon entering the mall you'll see colorful hangings and additional kiosks from the normal stands. What really attracted me was the bargain sales on most of the shops which is a real treat. Lulu Supermarket as usual is the best when it comes to sale of consumable goods and fantastic discounts on the department store. This mall is the best so far for me.
  • Review Al Wahda Mall by danish
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    great mall shopping is very convineint and easly reacheable frm any part of the uae and every kind of sotres are there and parking facility is also there
  • Review Al Wahda Mall by Auricel
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    it is the best mall ever voted in the entire abu dhabi. you will feel the spirit of ramadan with their decorations and lightings. the mall is clean and it's not crowded
  • Review Al Wahda Mall by Bethan
    23 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Al Wahda Mall is always open through Ramadan hours day and night although in the day the food stores do not serve food, at night though they do. Their is entertainment for you all to have fun during Ramadan by bowling. The shops are great to buy things to give to friends and have fun round the mall