Al Rayhanah Restaurant
Al Rayhanah Restaurant
Review Al Rayhanah Restaurant by Najwan
38 Reviews |  7 years ago
We went there by coincidence and I was amazed with the food. We ordered only 4 items and it was really tasty. The Kubbeh was flavourful and crunchy and hot from the fryer. The Shanklish very delicious. We also ordered grilled white cheese which was good and finally the Fattet Jaaj was very different from what we are used to. They actually put in it white sauce. It is like you are eating Alfredo sauce but on a Fatteh; frankly a nice twist, though I am sure the older generation would not appreciate this :-). Service was ok, but they could try to smile once in a while to the clients. If you are on the go and want a healthy option, this is a good place and the prices were quite reasonable comparing to other restaurants. The portions are good too.

Amman - Mecca Mall

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