Al Muntaha
Al Muntaha

Dubai - Umm Suqeim

27th Floor, Burj Al Arab Beach Road 3
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  • Review Al Muntaha by Deb
    21 Reviews |  9 years ago
    One word....DEGUSTATION!
    Degustation means appreciative tasting of various foods. Usually in small portions of the chefs specialty dishes. Around 8 courses that can take up to 4 hours to complete. We had the degustation with wine, so every dish is matched perfectly with a specific wine. During this amazing dining experience the waiter explained in detail the wine, where it is from and the flavor characteristics. It was incredible how they balanced the flavors of the food with the wine. Simply stunning. A very modern feel to the restaurants decor with an amazingly lit ceiling. It has a great mood, it's vibrant and happy but at the same time warm and relaxing. Children are welcome for lunch or dinner. The kids menu is perfect. Real food that kids will eat and not a chicken nugget in sight. In fact so delicious my son had two main courses and skipped desert!! The Burj Al Arab has taken service to another world and this restaurant is their pinnacle of service in my opinion. How the waiters knew, what they knew, about food and wine was impressive. Al Muntaha needs to be on everyone's bucket list!