Al Khayyam Restaurant

Jarash - Jarash Suburbs

after the Historical sights traffic light
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Reviews (4)

  • Review Al Khayyam Restaurant by Emad
    71 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Amazing place, good food and play area for the kids, good deal in Jerash
  • Review Al Khayyam Restaurant by nona
    50 Reviews |  7 years ago
    حلو كتير هاد المصيف ورواق قعدته واسعاره معتدله دايما بنطلب مشاوي انا و اهلي فيو
  • Review Al Khayyam Restaurant by Hana
    236 Reviews |  7 years ago
    Al Khayam's been my fav rest in Jerash and it is till now I never go there and regret it The food is great specially salads I love the meat there ... The place is not that clean .. they should pay more attention when it comes to cleanliness Toilets (excuse me) are horrible and old they dont serve alcohol because I really do love the food , I always order take away :D prices are very reasonable
  • Review Al Khayyam Restaurant by MaRina
    79 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Decades ago when the late Abu Yahya opened this restaurant it used to be a genuine Lebanese restaurant in Jerash where good meals and polished service were expected. No more. These days, the quality of the food and service are both disappointing.
    Yesterday my father in low took us to dine there. There is no atmosphere, staff is very stiff, no interaction with the guests ! We were the only diners in the restaurant!! The most important issue is the food! we ordered many hot and cold appetizers and all were less than average. What could be worse than soap flavored tabboleh?? Bubbles were about to come from my mouth after eating a bite of it!! The rest of appetizers were not seasoned! later on the mashawi arrived, it was so below our expectations!! Overall unpleasant experience!! wont dine there ever again!