Al Hidaya Rent a Car
Al Hidaya Rent a Car

Amman - Tla' Al-Ali

Al Waha Circle - Passing after wasfi Al Tal Street (Gardens) Mousa Al Assaf Complex - Building Number 182 - Opposing to Nouman Mall
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Reviews (6)

  • Review Al Hidaya Rent a Car by Maamoun
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    اوسخ وانصب محل تاجير سيارات من الصيف الماضي وبدي منهم تامين السيارة ولهسة ما استلمتو وكل يوم تلفونات وبوعدو اليوم وبكرة وبروح وما بكون الشخص المعني موجود وبضلهم ياجلو شكلو الفلوس راحت بس ما راح اسامحك فيهم ان شاء الله بتدفعهم على صحتك
  • Review Al Hidaya Rent a Car by Raed
    1 Reviews |  two years ago
    سيئين ما رجعولي تامين السياره إلا بعد شهر ونصف من المكالمات وكل يوم اروح عندهم علما بانه لم يوجد مخالفات
  • Review Al Hidaya Rent a Car by mohammad khader
    1 Reviews |  3 years ago
    أسوأ من هيك ما مر علي.. كتير سيئين ونصابين
  • Review Al Hidaya Rent a Car by Ahmad
    2 Reviews |  4 years ago
    محل سيء لأبعد الحدود
  • Review Al Hidaya Rent a Car by M
    24 Reviews |  6 years ago
    1. I think they are the worst. first they gave me a car for 30JD per day and when I delivered it a guy walked in and asked about it and they told him its 25JD per day and we can negotiate it if for more than 3 days although I took it for a week. 2. I delivered the car with one scratch the only require polish and nothing else, I wanted to do it by myself but i didnt have time. So when I gave him back -the car he didnt give my insurance back and told it requires two days. then he took the car from me and saw the scratch and told me its just a paint it will go easily but i will let u know. Then after i went home the other guy called and said there is a hit on the car from front and we will fix it and it will cost 60JD I told him there was nothing but he insisted and they took the money from my insurance amount. Be careful when u rent from this place.
  • Review Al Hidaya Rent a Car by Mohamed
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    احسن محل ايجار سيارات من ناحية المصداقية والتعامل واسعاره ثابته يعني ما بزيد عليك