Al Hakam Shawerma
Al Hakam Shawerma

Amman - Macca St

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Reviews (3)

  • Review Al Hakam Shawerma by راكان
    1 Reviews |  two months ago
    خمدمة رائعة وسعر مقبول والوجبات نظيفة
  • Review Al Hakam Shawerma by Dania
    38 Reviews |  3 years ago
    I tried it once and it was really good and it's also very cheap.
  • Review Al Hakam Shawerma by Dana
    132 Reviews |  3 years ago
    I'm always shocked when people say they don't like Al Hakam, I've tried it like a dozen times and it always tastes great! The shawerma is always juicy, the portion is great and filling, and above all that it's super cheap!