Amman - Mecca Mall

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  • Review Adore by Gheddo
    4 Reviews |  8 years ago
    OMG !! Those three letters summarize my Bad experience there !! The sales Commission thing was VERY obvious to any single customer !!! you would be able to notice it as soon as you start talking to one of the employees! They would rather make you leave without buying a thing than seeing you getting products from another stand or employee. Besides I felt very uncomfortable with the small on going side-talks & gossiping ! Thank you Jeeran for this kind opportunity ..and only now I've got it off of my chest.
  • Review Adore by Sabah
    153 Reviews |  9 years ago
    عند هدا المحل في مكياجات ما ركات معروفة مثل لوريال ورد روز وماكس فاكتور المسكرات عنده مميزة وعندو تشكيله من اكسسوارات الحفلات بس بدو موظفين كمان حتى يلحقوا على الزباين