Abu Jalambo Snack
Abu Jalambo Snack

Amman - Mkablein

Al Iza'a W Al televsion Street - Building # 156
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Reviews (3)

  • Review Abu Jalambo Snack by فراس
    714 Reviews |  3 years ago
    للأسف بالبداية هاد المطعم سكر كان عندو ساندويشات شاورما بصراحة مرتبة كتير وببيع شغلات تانية متل الفاهيتا والزنجر والفيليه والكرسبي والبروستد وغيرها بس انا ما رجبتها اسعارو كانت ممتازة ولغاية الان ما بعرف لي سكر مع انو وسع المطعم بالفترة الاخيرة
  • Review Abu Jalambo Snack by Mohammad
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    مطعم رائع الاكل كتير زاكي و اسعارة معقولة
  • Review Abu Jalambo Snack by Salah
    81 Reviews |  8 years ago
    First of all, I actually haven't been there myself, but my uncle picked up lunch from there today, and I can honestly say that that was the best Shawerma I have ever had in Jordan ! without any exaggerations, The fries were crispy, everything was perfect, the seasoning gave a very unique flavor, it beats any other Shawerma Joint in town ANYTIME, Prices are significantly affordable and the overall rating is 9.5/10 when it comes to taste. you should try it if you found yourself in the area.