Abu Dhabi Health And Fitness Club

Abu Dhabi - Al Saada Street

Saada Street, Abu Dhabi
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Reviews (2)

  • Review Abu Dhabi Health And Fitness Club by Shaza
    62 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I tried the Gym there, Personal training, aerobics & swimming classes, the trainers are professional with experience.
    You can really feel that they are caring about your health. They will take first the measurement and they will keep following your situation until you get the result. But the most important thing to be on time always. Really I love their Fitness services. But its a little expensive than the others health clubs
  • Review Abu Dhabi Health And Fitness Club by Ahmad
    32 Reviews |  10 years ago
    Look...this place might have really good facilities and all, and I know coz I used to go there...but now the prices are just prohibitive...it's impossible to get a decent membership package! Forget about it