18th Century Burger
18th Century Burger

Amman - Dabouq

Aal Al Bait Street - Near Abna'a Al Karak Dewan
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Reviews (2)

  • Review 18th Century Burger by Rakan
    6 Reviews |  4 years ago
    The whole place, food, service and atmosphere is a trap. The type of restaurants that you'd never forget its name just so you do not make the mistake of going there again.
  • Review 18th Century Burger by Inal
    10 Reviews |  4 years ago
    I tried the dabooq's branch. took too much time to make our order. then we discovered they went to buy burger bread, cuz they were out of it. then the order didn't come as we ordered. cold, and the chicken burger was awful. tasteless, smelled bad and chewy. fries were not fried well. it was my first and last time.