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    • 1.  مطعم زوار
      This is a verified place 
      Zuwar Restaurant
      • (190 Reviews )
      • 90008... see No.
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      أيمن الدبس

      افضل مطعم ب عمان من حيث الخدمه والاكل وموقعه الخلاب والعاب الاطفال النظيفه واكبر موقع شاهدته بمطاعم المملكه باهتمامهم به حيث اكلنا افضل انواع المقبلات البارده والساخنه اما المشاوي اشي بيجنن عن جد كل…

    • 2.  ميرفيز بوب
      Category: Pubs and Lounges
      Region: Um Uthaina
      Murphy's Pub
      • (24 Reviews )
      • 65008... see No.
      • Place Features
      Yasser Hammad

      Relax place nice green but happy hours 25% only not 50% you have to ask about happy hours system before you order

    • 3.  روفرز ريتورن
      Region: Sweifieh
      Rovers Return
      • (13 Reviews )
      • 14844... see No.
      • Place Features
      Mohammed Al-Naif

      Worst ever! No standards at all

    • 4.  بريغو
      Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
      • (13 Reviews )
      • 33838... see No.
      • Place Features
      Mohanad Atiyat

      Good place for the weekends, Specially in the winter nights they have a good cocktails. I love the decoration of this place

    • 5.  دنيا روف توب
      Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
      Dunia Rooftop
      Mohammad Magid

      رحت عليه في رمضان ويا ريتني ما رحت مبدأيا الأسعار تتجاوز الفلكية الخدمة جيدة والعاملين بشوشين وخدومين جدا جربت عندهم ارجيلة كانت جيدة ومرتبة ومشغولة بإتقان وطلبنا ملك شيك كون الدنيا نار ومافي تكيف…

    • 6.  سالوتي
      Region: Jabal Amman - Second Circle
      • (17 Reviews )
      • 08008... see No.
      • Place Features
      Lyana El Banna

      When I called on Wednesday to make a reservation no one told me that there's cover charge or anything like that but I was surprised that they took 10 JDs from each guest and it covered…

    • 7.  ليفينغ روم لوفت
      Category: Pubs and Lounges
      Region: Jabal Amman - Third Circle
      Living Room Loft
      • (13 Reviews )
      • 55998... see No.
      • Place Features

      before talking about the food (as an architect ) I have to say the new renovation is so cheap, usually I don't like to go to places where I feel the restaurant is not putting a effort in making…

    • 8.  روفرز ريتورن
      Category: Pubs and Lounges
      Region: The Samarah Mall
      Rovers Return
      Osama Al-Fahoum

      It’s a unique little place with friendly staff and amazing food.

    • 9.  بيلاريفا
      Category: Pubs and Lounges
      Region: Dabouq
      Mais Qumsieh

      Nice place in Fuhies, good food, good service and nice indoor setting. The place is relatively cheap. Their pizza is exceptionally good.

    • 10.  برك لين
      Category: Pubs and Lounges
      Region: Jabal Amman - Fourth Circle
      Brick Lane

      Nice atmosphere. Good food. Fair price. Friendly and good service

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