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Crossfit places in Amman

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  • Abdoun
  • Bayader Wadi Al-Seer
  • Khalda
  • Macca St
  • Crossfit
  • Gym
  • Sports Equipment
  • Mixed Martial Arts
    • 1.  Vega Fitness Clubs
      Region: Macca St
      Vega Fitness Clubs
      • (34 Reviews )
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      Enas Mahairie

      very bad staff and the coaches most of them are not helpful even the machines need maintenance it was a bad experience i really were disappointed from their services- talking aboit girls section -

    • 2.  الونا سنتر
      Region: Tabarbour
      Alona Center
      Asma A

      ما بنصح في الاجهزة قليلة اولا مقارنة بعدد المشتركين ولما بدك تلعبي ع جهاز بتيجي المدربة وبتقلك بس 10 دقايق يعني بطردوا فينا بالعقل!! والحصص نفس مكان الاجهزة بعمل عجقة

    • 3.  ترينرز جيم
      Category: Gym, Crossfit
      Region: Seventh Circle
      Trainers Gym
      Amir Tarek

      Perfect place for working out

    • 4.  Vega Fitness Clubs
      Category: Gym, Swimming, Yoga, Crossfit, Pilates
      Region: Khalda
      Vega Fitness Clubs
      • (3 Reviews )
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      • Place Features
      Leen Kilani

      They have very good equipment, you can find almost everything there. Their trainers are very friendly, and they have a variety of classes. The pilates class is fun. The showers and toilets are clean,…

    • 5.  كروسفيت كروسنت
      Category: Gym, Crossfit
      Region: Bayader Wadi Al-Seer
      CrossFit Crescent
      Zaid Nabulsi

      One of the best if not the best places to workout and train. Great community and highly qualified, knowledgeable and friendly coaches. Truly a place to have fun and grow.

    • 6.  Vega Fitness Clubs
      Category: Gym, Swimming, Yoga, Crossfit
      Region: Sweifieh
      Vega Fitness Clubs
      • (3 Reviews )
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      • Place Features
      Faten Maliha

      الجيم نظيف نوعا ما.. المدربات البعض منهم بحاجة لتدريب اكثر .. السئ في الموضوع هو ايقاف الحصص لعدم وجود مدربات مع العلم ان هناك مدربات ممتازات خاصة في ال Combat ويوجد مدربة الان غير مؤهلة نهائيا…

    • 7.  كروس فيت 962
      Category: Gym, Crossfit
      Region: Seventh Circle
      Crossfit 962
      Mohammad Attallah

      Best crossfit gym in jordan located at fitness one vega mecca street

    • 8.  Vega Fitness Clubs
      Category: Gym, Yoga, Crossfit, Pilates
      Region: Abdoun
      Vega Fitness Clubs
      • (2 Reviews )
      • 77434... see No.
      • Place Features
      Shadia Ishtay

      The worst gym ever. The staff are very rude and they are so annoying really really the worst gym ever

    • 9.  ستون هيل النادي الاهلي
      Category: Gym, Crossfit
      Region: Tla' Al-Ali
      Stone Hill Crossfit
    • 10.  MMA VEGA
      Region: Macca St
      MMA VEGA
      • (0 Reviews )
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