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  • 1.  ووكس اند كومباني
    Region: Abdoun
    Wox and Company
    • (115 Reviews )
    • 22921... see No.
    • Place Features
    Esraa Zayed

    اكلو كتير زاكي بس غالي نوعا ما

  • 2.  نوديجيا
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Abdoun
    • (76 Reviews )
    • 36999... see No.
    • Place Features
    Mohamad Yasin

    buffet was average in quantities but better in taste .. manager was very bad in dealing with huge number of people coming that day as there was a discount from careem ... we had to wait for like 40…

  • 3.  يوشي
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Jabal Amman - Third Circle
    • (55 Reviews )
    • 40903... see No.
    • Place Features

    Yoshi is probably one of my favorite restaurants, not a fan of Asian food but the food there is great, the interior is beautiful and the customer service is excellent. A bit pricy and that's why…

  • 4.  رين تشاي
    Category: Asian
    Region: Jabal Amman - Third Circle
    Ren Chai
    • (47 Reviews )
    • 25777... see No.
    • Place Features
    Ghena Kalha

    One of my favourite Chinese restaurants in Amman, I visit it regularly with my family. The food is amazing, their menu is diverse and the portions are just right. They have the friendliest staff with…

  • 5.  المطعم الصيني أبو خليل
    Category: Asian
    Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
    Chinese Restaurant Abu Khalil
    • (49 Reviews )
    • 38968... see No.
    • Place Features
    omar arabyat

    المحل كتير قديم ، متذكر من لما كنت اروح عليه و انا صغير ، من اول ما تدخل بستقبلوك الشغيلة و اذا كان ابنو لابو خليل موجود كمان بستقبلك ، ابو خليل اجا من الصين و فتح المحل لانو حب الاردن و سكن بجبل…

  • 6.  مطعم فينجريت
    Category: International, Asian, Sushi, Steak
    Region: Shmeisani
    Vinaigrette Restaurant
    • (25 Reviews )
    • 20528... see No.
    • Place Features
    Diyaa Al-Azraq

    No words can really describe this place Everything deserves more than 5 stars The place , the atmosphere , the food , the stuff Highly recommend if you look for something fancy

  • 7.  كيتشينت
    Region: Dabouq
    Buthaina Al- Dabsheh

    The right place to find your favourite healthy food

  • 8.  مطبخ تينا
    Category: Asian
    Region: Khalda
    Tina's Kitchen
    • (18 Reviews )
    • 41388... see No.
    • Place Features
    Waleed Nueirat

    Somewhat pricey when considering the quality of the food served. You can get the same good quality at a fast food Chinease restaurant at the mall.

  • 9.  مطعم شنغهاي
    Category: Asian
    Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
    Shanghai Restaurant
    • (15 Reviews )
    • 19945... see No.
    • Place Features
    Issa Dababneh

    Very bad experience. Place used to be decent. Horrible delivery service. Way to much MSG left my stomach aching and my throat tingling. Never again.

  • 10.  مطعم بكين
    Category: Asian
    Region: Shmeisani
    Peking Restaurant
    • (14 Reviews )
    • 60250... see No.
    • Place Features
    Hadeel Abdul Hadi

    بحب كتير جو هاد المطعم كتير رايق من أكتر مطاعم الآسيوية المرتبة و الخدمة رائعة الأكل كتير زاكي و من زمان كتير و لا هلا ما عم تتغير جودة الأكل و لا الخدمة بنصح فيه بقوة

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