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Art Cafes places in Amman

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    • 1.  برية الأردن
      Category: Art Cafes
      Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
      Wild Jordan
      • (94 Reviews )
      • 16523... see No.
      • Place Features
      Azzam Jamanie

      the view takes away my heart every time. good service too

    • 2.  ساقية الدراويش
      Category: Art Cafes
      Region: Jabal Al-Weibdeh
      Al Daraweesh Culture Wheel
      Aliya AlTurk

      The service is really good ! also the prices are reasonable considering the great atmosphere there.

    • 3.  كافيه ديز ارتيست
      Category: Art Cafes, Study Cafe
      Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
      Cafe des Artistes
      • (40 Reviews )
      • 38239... see No.
      • Place Features
      Walaa Faqeeh

      المكان لطيف جدا و الديكور مريح وجو القعدة حلوة كثير ... اللي بشتغلوا فيها ودودين وخدمتهم ممتازة , الأسعار معقولة زي أي كافيه تاني.. .المكان طابقين الطابق الارضي جدا جميل لانه بوابه كلها مفتوحة بتكون…

    • 4.  كافيه شمس البلد
      Category: Art Cafes
      Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
      Shams El Balad Cafe
      Ran DK

      Shams el balad is a really nice place with a traditional twist. I loved having breakfast there. Amazing view, lovely staff and great service. The food options are varied and exotic. You would find…

    • 5.  فن وشاي
      Region: Jabal Al-Weibdeh
      Fann wa Chai
      Anwaar Omar

      It's a beautiful, calm, and peaceful place and the people who are in charge of the place are very friendly and courteous.

    • 6.  رومي كوفي بار
      Category: Art Cafes
      Region: Jabal Al-Weibdeh
      Rumi Coffee Bar
      Maha Faleh

      love love love the place, the music, the whole atmosphere... honeslty have nothing but love for it... friendly staff, fast service, overall a very pleasant experience. Definitely coming back♥️♥️

    • 7.  بوكسات كافيه
      Category: Art Cafes
      Region: Abdoun
      B@C in Abdoun
      • (16 Reviews )
      • 23036... see No.
      • Place Features
      Khaled Daqqaq

      Go at the happy hour's and you will find a lot of discount at all of the menus Nice view at Night and lovely food and argeleh

    • 8.  دارة الفنون
      Category: Art Galleries, Art Cafes
      Region: Jabal Al-Weibdeh
      Darat Al Funun
      Ethar Sarakbi

      من أجمل الاماكن يلي فيها روح.. الواحد بيقعد فيه بينسى انه عالأرض.. عبق الحضارة بهالمكان.

    • 9.  بيت بلدنا
      Category: Art Cafes
      Region: Jabal Al-Weibdeh
      Bait Baladna
      • (14 Reviews )
      • 25175... see No.
      • Place Features
      Maria Hadwar

      Very nice view, friendly staff and great service

    • 10.  جنغل فيفر
      Category: Art Cafes
      Region: Jabal Al-Weibdeh
      Jungle Fever Coffee and Tea House
      تمارا المناصير

      small but well designed place, cozy with friendly staff..

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