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Music learning centers, Violin.

From: Rami Salam |Before: over 6 years ago Within: Art and Culture
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hello, am a 21 years old Engineering student and i was hoping to learn music and in particular the Violin, however since i don't have much of a background on the matter i was hoping to get some advice
i wanna learn the violin and from 0.

which center is best suited for this? and i live in Amman Sweilieh so if it's close would be better.

it's OK if it's a bit further, i don't mind anywhere in Amman really I've already browsed the Music centers on jeeran couldn't find a satisfying review or info on most.

for instance the National music conservatory looks good but have no idea what level they accept and there are no info on it online so if any1 could tell me anything it would be great

waiting for any info please help.

From: Sameer Matar |  over 6 years ago
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Go to the national music institute المعهد الوطني للموسيقى
Ras el 3ein .. they start from zero level to professional contact them and check when the semester will start , it's no doubt the best place in jo to learn how to play violin .

From: Rami Salam |  over 6 years ago
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you mean this right?

there is barely any information on it like everything else xD
does it have a site? i couldn't find one

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