Rana Masri

Rana Masri

. منذ أكتوبر 2011
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  • Review by Rana Masri of تريتس اند بينز
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Amazing out of this world crepes and waffles! I tried the nutella crepe and white and dark chocolate waffle with ice cream. They were best i have ever tasted and i thought i would only taste such quality crepes and waffles in Lebanon. The service is great and the people are friendly. I can't wait to try it again!
  • Review by Rana Masri of فور ذا لوف اوف فنتاج
    قبل 8 سنوات
    I follow For the Love of Vintage on Facebook. They offer vintage and vintage inspired unique items and since I love everything vintage i went to check them out. They have a nice collection of vintage accessories and clothes. I found beautiful earrings that are designed by an Indian lady and bought them. The earrings are not cheap but i get a lot of compliments whenever i wear them. The shop is located in a nice area in Abdoun and i recommend it to ladies who like acquiring one of a kind items and be different.
  • Review by Rana Masri of برايم سينما
    قبل 8 سنوات
    I like Prime Cinemas. Whenever i feel like going for a movie night, Prime Cinema is my first option because it is close to my home, clean, and serves good munchies (especially aunti hanadi's cookies (i love them!). However, their call system is not reliable. I called them a couple of times before to inquire about the movie schedule and their automated call service was not functioning properly and not responding to the number i was pressing for movie schedule. Even when i press 0 to be transferred to someone to answer my inquiry, no one seemed to be answering. As a cinema and entertainment provider it is important that they work on fixing and updating their call system to make more convenient for people to access them.
  • Review by Rana Masri of الدكتور عفاف العريني
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Rude doctor! I was referred to her by my child's orthopedic saying that she is the best in Jordan for children neurology. I called to book an appointment and she answered and sounded rude and not interested in offering me an appointment. She only comes to office from 11-2 pm. I told her i can only come in afternoons and on Saturday mornings because i cant pull my daughter out from school in the morning. Her response was rude saying that she is too busy and cant accommodate me then. If this is how she sounds on the phone then i am not willing to have her see my daughter. Pediatricians should be friendly and accommodating since they treat kids! Don't care if she is the best doctor in the world, i don't want to meet her or have her see my daughter and i'm sure i will find better doctors out there with a nice and professional attitude.
  • Review by Rana Masri of ذا كيكيري
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Having tried The Cakery and enjoying their food on several occasions, i decided to order cake and some sweets for my daughter's birthday. They did not fail me. They did a lovely rainbow cake exactly as i wanted that tasted heavenly. The carrot cake, thai wraps, quiche, and croissants sandwiches looked and tasted great as well. The pizza was not very tasty though. I will definitely order from them again as they are so professional and understand what the customer wants. Dealing with them was so convenient as i went to the shop only once and the rest of correspondence was by email ( i wish all catering shops in Jordan deal with their customers this way!). The shop is spot on clean and their offices are located on the top floor. The offices are friendly and spacious. What impressed me the most is that they had a plasma screen in the office that was connected to a camera and displayed the kitchen and workers inside which shows that they have great quality control measures. I love the cakery and they will always be my number one choice for cake and desserts.
  • Review by Rana Masri of اوبي
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Visited OOBE for the first time today for"all you can eat sushi night". I loved the vibrant loungy music and decor. The lights were a bit too dim for my taste though. Sushi bar was good but not as fresh and exotic as when you have it in Vinaigrette or Yoshi (both Vinaigrette and Yoshi are owned by the same company that owns OOBE). Heard that their burgers are great. I would definitely come again to try them out.
  • Review by Rana Masri of كافيه برجر
    قبل 8 سنوات
    The best tasting burger in Amman. My husband and i got used to ordering it once a week. Whats good about it is that their burgers are always juicy and they recently introduced "sliders" which are mini burgers that taste exceptionally great. Once you have one you cant stop, which might not be the wisest thing since you end up ruining your diet! However, i would ruin my diet any time for one of their burgers! Highly recommended.
  • Review by Rana Masri of حضانة المكعبات البناءة
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Heard about this school through word of mouth and enrolled my kids there. Great school! Cozy, safe and clean environment. It is located in a nice quiet area in Sweifieh just minutes away from home. The teachers are so loving and genuine and the owners are so friendly with an open door policy. I would recommend it to all mothers who are seeking the best learning experience for their kids.
  • Review by Rana Masri of ماي جيم
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Great place for kids to exercise while having fun. They offer classes for kids aged one to 13 years which help kids improve their physical and emotional skills. My 4 year old daughter enjoys going there on a weekly basis. What is best about their classes is that they never get redundant as the theme and setting of class is changed each time so it feels new for kids. The teachers are well experienced and great with kids and the owners are hands on which provides a cozy family atmosphere. The only downside is parking . Although they offer valet service sometimes the valet guy is nowhere in sight and it tends to get crowded especially when there is a class or a birthday party taking place. Other than that My Gym is one of the best places for kids in Amman.
  • Review by Rana Masri of مركز تاج لايف ستايل
    قبل 8 سنوات
    With the great buzz surrounding this mall's opening recently,i decided to go check it out with my two kids and while at it buy a few gifts.I don't think i will ever set foot in this mall again.Trying to get there was a hassle by itself as it is located in a crowded location in Abdoun let alone the fact that there was no parking in sight.So i gave the car to the valet service who seemed to be inexperienced as i had to remind the guy to give me a card. The mall was too crowded and reeked of smoke although no smoking signs were all over the place. The credit card service was not activated in any of the shops and since i had no cash on me i had to go to the lower level and look for an ATM to withdraw cash and go back to the shop to pay.How convenient! Most of the shops were not opened yet except for H&M, and a few other high street brands that are also available in City and Mecca mall so i couldn't see the added value.Having had enough of the noise i decided to leave and gave my card to the valet guy to get my car.We must have waited for 45 minutes before they gave me the car.Stranded in the cold, suffering from flu and two cranky hyper kids that are hard to restrain,it was a terrible experience.The most chaotic disorganized valet service i have ever seen.I could hear people around me complaining about the slow valet service and vowing not to return to the mall again.The valet guy seemed to have lost my car as each time he would come back and ask me what model my car is and what does the key chain look like!I lost my temper at the end and yelled at him.Finally my car arrived and it took the valet guy a while to figure out how to unlock the door and let us in!My advice to Taj Mall:If you are so eager to open your doors to the public,you should have made sure your service is top notch and the shopping experience is smooth so that people would want to come back.Whats the point of opening when you have no parking, horrendous valet and cash payment only?You should know bette
  • Review by Rana Masri of عيادة طفلي
    قبل 9 سنوات
    Dr Medhat Abu Shaban is one of the best pediatricians in Jordan. He is always up to date and after switching back and forth between doctors, he was the one that properly diagnosed my daughter's allergies and gave her the proper treatment. His clinic is meticulously clean and the children's play area is so lovely that my children enjoy going even for vaccines! What i appreciate the most about him is that you can get an appointment on the same day even if the clinic is full, and this spares moms a lot of agony.

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