Abdallah Khirfan

Abdallah Khirfan

عمان . منذ أغسطس 2012
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  • Review by Abdallah of مطعم جوري للمأكولات الشامية
    قبل 4 سنوات
    Very good food , comfy , welcoming staff, unique platters , must try this authentic food
  • Review by Abdallah of بور هوت
    قبل 6 سنوات
    This gym is really good, very clean and big which is perfect for body builders. You can really feel safe there, due to the fact, i had some small incident of losing my car keys and wallet in the locker room, at some point freaked out thinking that i have lost them until i got to the receptionist which he immediately handed me them.
  • Review by Abdallah of مطعم بكين
    قبل 8 سنوات
    We order several plates which are quiet familiar to many except we have ordered duck plates which is close to the jordanian shawerma, but it was very delicious that i havent had such plate long time ago. We also got spring rolls, chicken cashew nuts, beef with green pepper and some other plates that i forgot, but all were really tasty and better than expected. This place was renovated and improved than before in many levels, the place now is more luxurious, clean and has various amount of plates. I was amazed by the new decoration and the new atmosphere in this place, the music was also cosy. There are various types of alcohol in the menu. The place also offers smoking ares, although the price was above than moderate but comparing it with the food provided its really worth it and in a matter of fact better than many other Chinese cuisines in town. When we got there, the place wasn't much crowded but by the time it reached 10 pm it started to get more crowded, but this didn't affect the quick service we got from the waiters(very elegant waiters wearing suites) We were able to get takeaways, but there is no area made for kids. I just want to say, if you visited the place some years ago, its totally different now it got much better and the place is more luxurious. I highly recommend it for anyone who want to have a Chinese food in a very classy place.
  • Review by Abdallah of سينترو
    قبل 8 سنوات
    I ordered a plate, i forgot what really is the name but its like a steak slices with a sauce on the plate and its served over a flaming oven. The place is really classy, there is an outdoor and indoor seating, i didnt notice any signs of uncleanness or untidiness. the menu was good, there were diversity in all categories except the normal dishes( neither sandwiches or burgers or pastas). The service is really good, we didn't wait much for the order and the waiters were always around our table taking in consideration; we dined during the holiday and the place was crowed. The only thing that was disappointing is the amount of food served is quiet in low portions. but overall its an outrageous experience to have

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