Sharika Marie Agnes

Sharika Marie Agnes

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  • Review by Sharika Marie of نوفوتيل مطار القاهرة
    قبل 8 سنوات
    The thing with hotels near the airport is that, you dont have to rush that much to catch your flight. We have stayed at Novotel for four days and had a pleasant stay. The room was average though, but clean, neat and maintained. they have a swimming pool and ample garden and small playground for kids. buffet breakfast is good as well. the staffs were very accommodating and responded well to our requests and inquiries. it was helpful that they have a cash machine and screens to show flight details/departure. price is reasonable, they have complimentary coaster at the airport to take you and from the hotel. as the hotel is situated at the airport, it is quite a distance from the city centre (or was it just the traffic that made me feel we are so far away from the metropolis). however, we found a supermarket nearby should you require some items (snacks, toiletries, etc). check in time is same as most hotels, which worked for us as just in time for flight arrival and departure. if you wish to enjoy the city and get a good view of the Nile, then do not opt here. I just did because it was close to the airport. We went on guided tours which made our trips from the hotel to the city / destination a bit longer, add to that the moderate traffic jam. Being outside the hotel most of the time, i could not really comment more. it is not bad but not highly recommended. i am certain that for the same price or a small difference, you will be able to find a hotel downtown. being close to the city will cut your travel time to your destination, adding to when going to the airport though.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of جونز ذي جروسر
    قبل 8 سنوات
    My first visit with Jones was not what I have expected it to be. I have heard that the place is good, serving gourmet food, which also sells organic food and has a cheese room. I went out for dinner with three of my friends, the appetizer was good until we came to our main course; i ordered chicken, my friend had this seafood pasta, one had a burger and the other fish and fries. the serving dish used was this wooden chopping board like dish. That alone gave me an uneasy feeling knowing that these are being reused. Some particles from previous serving may still be stuck in those wooden plates, i don't know. But anyways, that was not gonna spoil my appetite; then there i saw this small smashed and dead cockroach in my plate. you will see it on the photo i will upload (top of plate to the left, almost mid section of the photo). Having lost my appetite and my speech at the unfavorable surprise, my friend called the waiter to have it replaced, i requested to have it in a proper plate and not on these wooden boards. My friends have checked theirs and unfortunately we have found another one, under his fish & chips; again smashed and stuck to the dish. These too was replaced by them and was served on a normal ceramic plate. As consolation, they have offered complimentary coffee. Although I believe coffee cannot compensate the unsanitary state of their serving dishes. The creatures could have easily been mixed up with our food. It was imperative that they have not check the plate before serving them to customers; more, why do they have this infestation in their kitchen?!!! One thing is for sure, i will not go back; maybe yes to purchase sealed items but definitely not to dine. But for those who are still interested, they have outdoor parking spaces; the atmosphere is good; price range is reasonable (before discovering the roaches).
  • Review by Sharika Marie of صالون بير أند رابيت للأطفال
    قبل 8 سنوات
    The kids' salon has 4-5 hair stylists, you don't have to worry about waiting for a long time in the queue for your kid's turn. The saloon is located near Sparky's in Mushrif Mall. I have sent my son here twice and was satisfied with their service. The price is comparable to other similar kind. They have nice colorful chairs for the kids and each has a small lcd tv for the kids to watch cartoons while having their haircut. During his first time, my son had colorful hairsprays on his head with golden stars depicting our flag. It was cute but it was a one time, we do not want our little one's hair to be damaged by such products (although for sure they are safe for kids).
  • Review by Sharika Marie of دلما مول
    قبل 8 سنوات
    I have been to Dalma Mall twice and find it bigger than most mall in the city of Abu Dhabi. However, most of the stores are not yet opened. About, only half of the mall shops are already opened the last time i have been there (two days ago). They have carrefour, toys r us, food court, sparky's and a few other coffee shops. It sure would have been a longer stay if the stores have all been opened. Parking space is ample at all levels of the mall. What I like most about the mall is that it is not that crowded unlike malls in the city. Sales personnel are more attentive probably because there weren't much customer crowd. However though at Carrefour, when i have requested for a new stock of an item as the set on display was incomplete, the attendant initially hesitated and informed that they only have the items on display. I have insisted though the he checks as I won't buy an incomplete set, of course. Giving in to my request (which I think was just fair), he came back with a new and complete items.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of فندق انتركونتيننتال
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Stayed with my friends over the weekend at Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai and it was superb. Originally, my booking was for a king bed superior suite but however was upgraded to a two bedroom suite. Arrived at past 4 in the afternoon, upon check in, the room was not available until after 45 more minutes. Being just beside the mall, we decided to just walk and shop while we wait; with our bags to be sent to the room once ready. The reception had advised us through phone call, to confirm the belongings have been sent and room is ready. Had we not been upgraded, I would have been displeased for the wait as we have driven from Abu Dhabi and were hoping to freshen up when we reach the hotel. The rooms were clean, the reception and concierge where friendly, even offered a late check out for us. The facilities are good, location is great as just beside a huge shopping mall and near the venue of an event we went to. Internet service is free however signal strength is weak. I would have given them a higher rating if I had book the suite; I am yet to see and experience smaller rooms. Of course you expect a suite to be fancy and lavish so definitely you will like it; but would be interesting to know if same goes for a smaller room and when travelling with kids. Their website is good too; I appreciate that they have a chat session with their staff should you have inquiries or require additional information re the hotel facilities. A quicker way to get answers instead of making a phone call and being on hold and patched to from person to person.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of مطعم بيت النودلز
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Noodle House offers Asian cuisine which includes wet & fried noodles, dim sum, roasted duck and other beef, chicken and prawn dishes and appetizers; offering fruit juices, hot and cold beverages and a few mocktails. The interiors of the place is simple and minimal and clean; with their kitchen in view. You will be greeted by a staff at the entrance and direct you to seats; they are helpful and cheerful. They have delivery services, I am unsure though if they have takeaway services but they must have. As there are long and spacious tables; this is good for a big group or for families. No valet parking but being situated at the mall, it has ample parking space at higher floors. Tried their roasted duck, singapore noodles, teriyaki beef, prawn bags and siew mai; very tasty and spices are good and food is cooked perfectly, at least to my desire. Prices are competitive, however serving size is smaller :)) i give it an average rating. Although am always happy during my visits, there are still areas for improvement, perhaps the menu, serving size, atmosphere (it seems just so quiet not that it is bad, of course you'd want to dine in peace but was hoping for a more cheerful and friendlier atmosphere). Serving time is acceptable.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of فلاش فورم
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Went to see Russell Peters at Flash Forum. Overall, the show was okay, would have been better if not for two annoying audiences. The venue's parking space is good enough for the number of viewers/venue capacity. Helpful ushers/usherettes to assist you to your seats and other inquiries (directions to ticket collection booth, washrooms, bar, etc.). However, as the venue is near the airport and not sound proof, we could hear the airplanes landing/departing while the show was on going. Russell just made a joke out of it. Also, a map on their website would be helpful. The seatings are good considering we paid for a closer seat. Crew should ensure though that the microphones are and will work well throughout the show. Would have been better if the audience would refrain from standing up to go to the loo or get a beer or two. Can they not do that before the show start? Doors were opened an hour before the show. Also would suggest to have tickets sent on email to avoid having to queue at the booth, having the option to print it at home and present at the gates.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of ذا ميت
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Food is great and meat is cooked as desired. They have a good view and the indoors have a nice and sophisticated feel, elegantly decorated, dimly lit, clean and with good faint music. As mentioned by another reviewer, you may request for a birthday song from the crew which we did as a surprise for a friend. Price i should say is a bit higher than other steak house outside shangri la, despite that, you get your money's worth and will definitely enjoy your food and experience. I personally am impresses when your waiter knows the food as i like to ask a few questions and suggestions, the crew did not fail me on this. The manager was really cool and even sat down with us for a few minutes to chat (of course, us permitting). It is not very often that customers would let them join the table for chit chat but we did to atleast know more about the place as it was our first visit. And again, I was not disappointed as he knows his product well. Their menu is great, had a hard time selecting everything sounded enticing. My first impression was that the place would not suit if you are bringing kids with you but was proved wrong. There were at least two families during that night with little kids and crew were very helpful and the children looked happy not to mention well behaved :) no dedicated area for kids though, which is understandable as it wont be fitting. Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages are available. Valet parking is free if you dine in any of the restaurants at the souk.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of فندق سنترو جزيرة ياس ابوظبي
    قبل 9 سنوات
    I agree with Marietta, for a 3 star hotel, it is impressive. The rooms have enough space, it is clean and is not pricey compared to other hotels in Yas Island. Indeed, the reservation staffs were very helpful. I have booked a room online on one travel website for the same day, however have not received the confirmation received on email within the hour. I have called their reservation to inquire if they have received my request, unfortunately has not come through their system during my time of inquiry. They have suggested that I make a booking thru phone (and i did) to ensure that I have the room ready when I arrive. What they did was, when they got my booking online (where payment has already been made), they cancelled the ones I made thru phone. When I arrived at the hotel, the same was confirmed to me. Upon checkout, I was surprised that it did not take that much time to check the room unlike with other hotels. You totally get your money's worth.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of حديقة الشيخ خليفة
    قبل 9 سنوات
    I have visited the place just like weekend and had a good time. The weather being nice and cool made the visit more pleasant. The park has an entrance fee of one dirham per head, with kids below 10 year old (if i remember correctly), free of charge. The train ride that takes you around the park is 2 dirhams per person. The train will make several stops as it goes around the park. Entrance for the museum is 3 dirhams per person. The museum shows informative facts about abu dhabi; their industry, a little bit of history and it shows the city's continuous development. At the end of the museum tour, you will exit on a space or provision for, i guess eating indoors; with tables and chairs. It looks like They offer bikes free of charge, you just need to deposit and ID which you will get once you return the bikes. The park is quite spacious, with several fountains and gardens to walk to; good for jogging or simply for walking and letting the kids play and run. Visitors are allowed to bring in food provided they ensure to dispose it properly. Some of the landscaping is really nice. I like that not so many people visit the place, not as crowded as most parks. Also, I find it cleaner compared to others. They have vending machines available as well. They also have several rides for kids like a small carousel. The place is nothing fancy as amusement parks but it is a good place for family to go for a picnic, where kids can have fun as well. They also have this 'Splash Park' with an entrance fee of 40 dirhams. Unfortunately I was not able to have a look around and explore this area as our visit was an unplanned one. It has a pool with other water activities for kids. Not ideal to take kids on cold weather, best during summertime.
    It may not be fully renovated / constructed, but I think it has come a long way since the last reviewer's visit. And I must say I have enjoyed and liked the place, and would definitely be back, bringing more kids to play and enjoy the park.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of مج اند بين
    قبل 9 سنوات
    Located at Etihad Plaza in Khalifa City A, this branch is always full and packed with people, from breakfast time to dinnertime; being just beside Etihad offices and residence for some staff. I like that they have great food and have a wide selection to choose from; whether you want to go for a light meal to a heavy one, whether you are trying to watch your weight or you just want to enjoy good food and are not bothered by weight gain. The outdoor tables are really nice especially when the weather is pleasant like now; you take pleasure of the food and atmosphere. I have always liked Mugg and Bean, however, not all visits are satisfying. On a recent visit for a brunch with a friend, I was not happy that the breakfast I ordered would have become my brunch or lunch! The time it took for my breakfast to be served was quite unacceptable. How long can it be to prepare their ‘Businessman’s Breakfast’? They seem to have few staff for a place that is always packed. Also, it was not really nice that the waitress took my friend’s order and did not even ask for mine as if I was invisible. I mean I handed her over the menu book so there was no excuse of me not being seen. In addition to that, a fly landed on my friend’s serving of fruits. I sure do hope that it was just that one fly. This may be due to the fact that they have outdoor tables and doors keep opening and closing as customers and waiters go in and out of the place. I like their food but service could be better; have not had unpleasant experiences with other branches.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of طيران كاثي باسفيك
    قبل 9 سنوات
    I have not personally tried Cathay Pacific but a family member does and I have just recently made booking arrangements and changes with them. I have bought tickets for a family member on a peak season, purchased online. At first their website seems to give me errors until when I have finally hit a non error page, I have realized that I selected the wrong dates. Fearing that I will be overcharged for penalties and fare differences, i decided to contact their local office to make the changes and inquire of the fare difference. Fortunately, the difference was only 600 aed including the change date fees. They were also prompt in replying on my email requests and inquiries. When I have personally visited their brance to do the amendments, the staff was very helpful and they ensured that my family member will not be hassled by the credit card procedure at the counter when she travels, suggested that we fill a form and have it certified and credit card be verified before travel date to avoid having extra time during check in. A personal experience from another family member though proved that he had a pleasant experience with them, despite the transit time. The journey was smooth, the seats were fine, overall okay but could have been a better experience. But this should be better than a bad experience on a long flight. Price are cheaper compared to other airlines even during peak season.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of  سينما الراحة
    قبل 9 سنوات
    Compared to cinema houses in the city, viewers at Al Raha Cinema are quieter and behaves well. No smoking teenagers, no shouting and giggling out loud on petty kissing scenes of Bella and Edward. Disappointed that I was with behaviour of teens at cinema houses in the city, and that attendants are not able to control them; it is good that I have found a nice place to watch were viewers are tamer. It may be that it's just the viewers that made my experience pleasant but I definitely liked it. It may not be as big as other cinema houses but the important thing is you enjoyed watching. Although a distance from city residents, it is of advantage to myself as I work nearby. They only have two cinemas though. You cannot book tickets online, I suggest you buy tickets earlier during the day. No movie schedules published online as well, this may be an inconvenience especially if you are trying to plan your day ahead. However, you can call them up and inquire, only they will only be able to give you the timings on the day itself and not for future viewing. The place is fairly clean, seats are not as fancy as those in the city though, but this will do. Ticket price ranges from 25 to 30 dirhams, except for 3D movies.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of مطعم هيبي تشيك
    قبل 9 سنوات
    The place is not one of my favorites, food taste and quality-wise, but it will do. Located at Khalifa City A near Etihad offices, the outdoor setting (with tables indoors too) is nice especially on a good not so sunny weather. The food is okay, though other restaurants' servings are better but that i just fine. The staffs are friendly and helpful. Comparing the price with another restaurant, I could have had a better tasting one. But if you live near the area, this is good. Hippy Chic is just beside Mugg n Bean which is can be packed with customers. They have combo meals which are reasonable. It is a nice place to try and chill out and have coffee afterwards a heavy meal.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of وينديس
    قبل 9 سنوات
    The first Wendy's in Abu Dhabi is located at Mushriff Mall. I have liked Wendy's back home so when the first one in Abu Dhabi opened, I was eager to try and check it out (they have in Dubai too). They serve beef and chicken burgers, kids meal and other typical food and beverage you can find in other burger joints. I like the chili soup (????) they have though. Overall, it wasn't the Wendy's I was expecting like the ones back home or in other countries. But it's a change from the usual McDonald's or Burger King. I find the burger patties a bit dry though at times. I love that they had the curly fries but later found out it's seasonal and not served all year round. I mean come on, potatoes grow all year round, it's not like a different type of potato that grows on certain times that is used for these fries.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of ترانس اد تاكسي
    قبل 9 سنوات
    One of TransAD's taxi franchise that I prefer to go with is TAWASUL. I find that their cabs are cleaner than the others, even better smelling too. In addition to that, the ladies' taxi is good especially for the conservative ones who wish to have a lady driver instead; or when you just feel safer with one. I have had a bad experience though with one of their Filipina lady driver's though. She was a bit upset to see me again to be her customer as I was previously a customer who was just dropped of on a short distance and she recalled me. Thinking I am going on the same distance, refused to take me as she claims to be on queue for hours only to take a 15 dirham worth passenger. To her dismay I was off to a longer route. Despite the experience, I am still satisfied, and I actually prefer their drivers who know their way better and can understand common language. Unlike others who have language barriers, it would only either make you feel sorry or pissed.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of مقهى موزارت
    قبل 9 سنوات
    Cafe Mozart is at the lobby of Al Raha Beach Hotel. I should say this is your usual coffee place, nothing more to it that can really make it stand out from the other cafes. Cakes and pastries tastes just fine although I have had better in other cheaper place. Coffee is delicious, again nothing that really stands out from the rest. If anything, entertainment at the lobby is good, with a lady playing the harp while you sip your capuccino. A nice place to chill if you prefer a more intimate or quiet environment. Attendants are cheerful though when asked for opinion or recommendation on which cake to choose from, I personally don't like an answer of 'everything tastes good'. It gives me the impression that you don't know how to sell your product.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of مشرف مول
    قبل 9 سنوات
    This is the newest mall in Abu Dhabi, however not all the shops/stores at the mall are already open. It may be too early to make a fair review but so far, I think it is good.There is Sharaf DG for the electronics fanatics, great restaurants and fast food chains have already open and will soon open (like Indian Palace, Wendy's, London Fish & Chips, Mugg and Bean). Clothing line line Matalan, New Look, Splash, Springfield. It boasts of having an indoor market place that sells fresh fruits, vegetable, fish and meat products, being the first of its kind. I have not experience parking space issues though, probably because it is not yet jam packed with customers compared to other malls. Parking space maybe smaller compared to others, but I guess that is because most people would like to park at the nearest ones, where everybody else crowds. Public bus stops at the mall as well, and taxis frequent the area too. I appreciate that Sparky's is very wide at Mushriff mall, with more rides for the kids. If there is one thing I dislike about the place, it's that some lifts are not yet serviceable.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of جمعية أبوظبي التعاونية
    قبل 9 سنوات
    Located at Abu Dhabi MAll, Abu Dhabi Coop is one of my favorite places to buy my grocery items. Besides that prices are cheaper, they have great bargains, promotions and deals. They have a wide assortment of brands to choose from. They also offer cooked asian meals, fresh vegetables, fruits, newly baked breads and pastries. One of the main reasons I love shopping with the is that the staffs are friendly and helpful unlike other supermarkets I have been to before. You get maximum assistance at the cashier/counters; would even push your carts to your parking space and help you load your items to your vehicle. Also, comparing my total expense from Coop with other supermarkets, the difference is quite surprising. It may only be a few fils or a dirham tops difference for one item but the total makes a difference. If there is anything i would like them to improve, it would be to have wider variety of meat and seafood selection.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of سومو سوشي اند بينتو
    قبل 9 سنوات
    My first visit with Sumo was during Ramadan, and surprisingly they are open during lunchtime. Restaurant is located at Masdar City, which is a little distant from the city like half an hour trip, tops. Food was cooked right, served a bit longer than expected though. The place is tidy and cozy, only thing is the table is too high for the chair so eating was uneasy and my arms have become tired from reaching higher than usual for my bento. It was oddly quiet as we were the only ones in the place, the staffs though are friendly. Some items on the menu may be expensive but are reasonable.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of لي ماكرون
    قبل 9 سنوات
    It is quite pricey for 9 AED per piece, a small piece of round macaron with a sweet filling of different flavours (coffee, chocolate, pistachio, etc). This is good to give as a gift or something to give away on special occasion, like giving Patchi chocolates. Value for money, i should say I could have bought something better for a 5 piece value of this and i'd be full. The store is a just a small store beside ADCB cash machine on the first floor. Staff are.. well they sure know how to do their sales talk. They'd say chocolate is the most famous flavour but personally, coffee was better.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of مطعم ومقهى جون انكارنيشن
    قبل 9 سنوات
    I have tried dining at Jun Encarnacion Cafe and Restaurant once (and it was my first time tonight) and was quite satisfied. Their menu range from Filipino, Viatnamese and Thai cuisine. They have a variety of appetizers, non alcoholic beverages, noodles, desserts; they offer beef, chicken, seafood and vegetable dishes. The place it a bit small and can be full at times. It is a two storey restaurant with a videoke on the second level. They have a male singer who also plays the guitar and would sometimes be accompanied by another male or female singer and a drummer. Food servings are just right for one person's consumption. Prices are reasonable. However, as food are cooked on order, we had to wait for like 10-15 minutes for meals to be served. While waiting, the band makes a good entertainment. You can even sing along with them if you wish to or request them a song. The food tastes good and at least met my expectation. The only thing I dislike is their location, as parking space may be a problem. If going thru public transportation, a little traffic may be experienced. The staffs are okay, attentive and patient but are not that friendly and cheerful; well probably because they are open from morning and are perhaps just tired. Yes they offer breakfast, have not tried though to comment any further. But to have a place for breakfast that's besides a fastfood chain is good, offering real breakfast and not junk food. Overall, I have enjoyed my first visit with them.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of فوكس سينما
    قبل 9 سنوات
    The audio and video quality at VOX cinemas are superb. The only thing that keeps it from getting a five star rating is their inability to prohibit or restrain movie goers who violate house rules. Strict implementation of rules should be observed, as courtesy to other watchers (switching off of mobile phones) and for safety (no smoking inside) reasons as well.
    VOX Cinema GOLD.. I have recently tried their GOLD cinema and must say it's good. A dedicated snack bar is at the door entrance of the cinema number. They have a wider variety of snacks as well, they even have mini burgers and hotdog sandwiches, they even have a few pasta and calamari that, quite a selection from their menu list. An attendant will greet you when you arrive and ask if you would like to order anything before proceeding inside to your seats. They have blankets for use as well (you are gonna need one). Seats are very comfortable, wide, reclining and you even have a table for your food. With a 32 seat capacity, it is obviously not crowded. Honestly, movie goers at GOLD are more quiet, in my opinion these people really pay a deal to enjoy the movie. A button to ring the snack bar is available at the your table and an attendant will be with you for your order or request. It is a bit pricey, triple of a 3D movie ticket. It is good to try at least once.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of ماكدونالدز
    قبل 9 سنوات
    Sad to say that despite consistency of service from McDonalds, in less than a month, we have experienced twice that we had missing orders. First time was with my mom and second was with me, both times our happy meals were missing. After the counter takes your order, you are requested to be on the side to wait for your food. on both instances those were take outs. When I came back to the counter to collect, staff even repeated my order, I assumed all was in my bag. Only to find out one meal was missing. I don't know if it was just a coincidence, but forgetting a meal to be served or bagged, is an act of carelessness. I hope though it doesn't happen a lot of times and to a lot of customers. still maintaining their 4-stars from me.
    I have recently discovered that they are holding an open kitchen for the public where you will be given a tour by their staff. However, to selected branches only.
  • Review by Sharika Marie of اللولو هايبرماركت
    قبل 9 سنوات
    I have previously rated Lulu a 4 star but am changing it down to a 2 star. However cheap the prices are compared to other supermarkets and wide their range of selection, I have always been disappointed with their customer service. I do not mind bagging my groceries and I have been doing it every time I shop with them. I make it a point to have a companion with me so one can bag and the other checks the cashier's item punch or unload groceries from the cart. But just today when I went to shop, I went to a queue with a bagger. And there was only two other customers in front of me who did not have as much items as I did. The bagger was looking at me from where he was standing and was checking out how much I have on my cart, he frowned and made funny faces at me like saying "ooooh, you have a lot, I don't wanna help you with that"!!! Pissed, I moved to the next counter that fortunately just opened and with a bagger. Again, seeing my cart (I mean excuse me I only had 80 items including feeding bottle nipples!!!) after the 3rd bag, he left and switch to another left us to carry the 10kg sack of rice from under the cart to the cash register for scanning! I have never been so disappointed with their staff behaviour until now. Lulu is still a good place to shop though. It is just so sad that they are being let down by a few who choose not to show an excellent customer service. And sad that I would see some staff would help other nationalities no matter how many carts they get on the counter and it's not like I am not generous or something. I have been in a customer service kind of line of work. And I have never refused passengers any assistance I can get them..

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