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  • Review by ديانا of ذا يالو تشيلي
    قبل 5 سنوات
    This place is anything but Indian. Horrible food. Tasteless, meat is not good at all. No spices and not spicy at all. What I had in mind was very different from what I had. The waiter is rude did not recommend anything. Never coming back again.
  • Review by ديانا of شركة جت لنقل الركاب
    قبل 6 سنوات
    I went with Jett to Aqaba recently, and here is a few things i liked and didnt like. First: I wanted to give the VIP jett a try, and this is a warning people, do not waste your money on it. because you pay double the price (18 per person) to get a bus with a female host, bigger seats, and a TV infront of you with headsets and free wifi. It may sound nice but it is not want you need when you are on a 4 hours Trip (Also, they give you a fee sandwich). But the seats are not comfy, and the tv does not work when there is bumps on the road! Well, but they are good in timing and they keep your bags safe. Staff is really un-friendly and they barely look at you when you talk. reserved my tickets back home when i was in Aqaba and i tried the normal rate. which was okay..seats are seats and i really can manage without the Sandwich. Air conditioned and drivers are polite. all in all 7.5/10
  • Review by ديانا of ليفنج روم
    قبل 7 سنوات
    This place is actually like a living room, only a bigger version. It is cozy, low lighting, nice music and friendly staff. I was not planning to eat. but my friend insisted that i try their shawerma and i did.. It is amazing, so fresh, juicy and clean. and we also tried the platter it was so yummy. The place is very comfy. It servers alcohol and there is a sushi bar also.
  • Review by ديانا of ايساكي
    قبل 7 سنوات
    I had such a lovely experience at this place, it is above centro. I called at lunch time to reserve for dinner and they guy was very friendly. I told him that we are four and I personally do not eat sushi (Yeah boring i know) So he immediately offered that they can make something special for me and that their menu has some other cooked dishes that i would like. Place is a little bit fancy but you can also go grab a bite after a long day at work. there are smoking and non-smoking sections. I order chicken sweat and sour and veggie noodles. and my friends ordered sushi. We loved it. Waiters were very friendly and helpful. We tried the fried bananas for desert, I have had better. Price is acceptable for such a place. I m definitely going back again :)
  • Review by ديانا of رين تشاي
    قبل 7 سنوات
    If you are a Chinese food lover you will definitely fall in love with this place! Cozy atmosphere, yummy food and wonderful service. I had the beef with pepper, chicken with cashew nuts and shiswar shrimps! Everything was so good! Noodles could have been better but all in all I loved it!
  • Review by ديانا of ديرتنا اكسبرس
    قبل 7 سنوات
    I heard that the shawerma is back so I went to try it. The place is so clean and the staff are friendly ..I must say it's the best shawerma iv ever had! So yummy and juicy. Bread is fresh, mayo and garlic sauce was so good. I ordered from this place two days in a row because I really enjoyed it. They have roasted and grilled chicken as well. Very reasonable prices and quality of food. They do catering too.
  • Review by ديانا of بايك رش
    قبل 7 سنوات
    iv always wanted to have my own bike, so i thought id give bike rush a try and rent a bike. we were two and we asked for the bikes to be delivered to us at the nearest point to my house, they came on time, very professional and they offer yellow vests and water. bike rental price for a 24 hours is 10 JD's plus 5 JD's for delivery. honestly it might be a little bit over priced but it is worth every penny. they workout is amazing and they usually come and pick the bikes the next day at night so you can still use it more than once. will definitely do it again.
  • Review by ديانا of فات برغر
    قبل 7 سنوات
    My friend insisted on trying this place although I wasn't so excited after reading all the reviews here. We were four so we ordered food through delivery one (which sucks btw) .food came after almost two hours. Bags were so greasy and oily. Food was below average and the burger was extremely small. I did not enjoy a thing from my meal even the French fries was bad. My friend ordered milkshake but It wasn't with the order although we ordered it and paid for it. Called the driver he said he is not responsible !! Call the restaurant they apologized and brought it after 2 hours!!! Oh did I mention I paid 10 jds for my email!? And I still have stomachache from my meal. Bottom line: it is horrible
  • Review by ديانا of جي اكس جيم
    قبل 7 سنوات
    i have always had trouble finding the perfect gym for me, so i decided to give GX a try and i took the one month memebership. i must say that the main reason for me to join this is because it is near my house ( and shaping ofcourse ) let me start by mentioning that the gym does not have machines , its a very cozy and small gym with 4 big rooms , it offers different kind of classes such as (step, war, rip , dancing, spinning, cycling, zumba, and many many more) the staff are really friendly and the trainers and instructors focus on new members and make sure they are getting all the attention they need. the gym is air conditioned, has showers, wifi service and a small snacks stand. but what i really liked about that gym is that it also offers classes for kids so that moms do not have to worry about their kids when they go to this gym. the prices are a little bit expensive than other gyms but the positive energy you can gain from group exercise is great.
  • Review by ديانا of ذا كوفي بين اند تي ليف
    قبل 7 سنوات
    Yesterday was my first visit to this place. i simply loved it. great atmosphere, wonderful service and yummy stuff. they have such a lovely outdoor area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up with a friend ( i do not like coffee btw) i had White chocolate iced latte and red velvet cake. it was so good...i felt that time passed so fast when i was there. would give it another visit and try their sandwiches.
  • Review by ديانا of ذي كيك شوب
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Have you ever had one of those days where you craved something sweet and wanted to have it on the spot? well today i had one of those days..so i decided to visit The Cake Shop in abdoun, its such a lovely place, positive atmosphere and lovely designs, I couldn't decide if I should get the Banoffee Cake or the Nutella cake...with a little help from the staff and my friend with me I ordered the Nutella cake. And I must say, I was delicious..exactly what I needed, I ate it real fast that I forgot to take a picture of it. One thing I didn’t like about the place, is that there is no place to sit and eat, although there was one table but one of the staff explained to us that it is only for people who order and wait. ( I did not make sense to me ) so we have to have our treats in the car. All in all, it was worth the experience, prices are reasonable, you can park your car easily. They have Visa.
  • Review by ديانا of سيفين دي في دي
    قبل 8 سنوات
    أنا بتعامل مع هالمحل من فترة طويلة وبعد تجربة مع محلات ال dvd الي كانت دايماً تنتهي بخيبة أمل زي مافي الفيلم المطلوب أو السي دي مش واضح. أما بالنسبة لهل محل فما واجهت أي مشاكل بالمرة. عنده كمية واسعة من الافلام العربية والاجنبية والمسلسلات والاغاني. اشتريت من عندة أفلام كتير وسلسلة مسلسلات (4 Series ) وكله كان واضح ومتوفر واذا ما كان في بوعدك أنه يجبلك ياه المرة الجاي. صدفت مرة كان في سي دي ما اشتغل فبدل المسلسل كامل. ومرة عملت عندة سي دي أغاني وكانت الاغاني الي طلبتها كتيير صعب ألاقيها بأي مكان فالشباب الى بالمحل أصروا يعملو ودوروا على الاغاني ولاقوهم. تعاملهم لطيف جداً واسعاره معقولة (تقريباً زي باقي المحلات) بس مشكلته الوحيدة أنه مافي صفة لانه شارع دايماً أزمة
  • Review by ديانا of فططري
    قبل 8 سنوات
    ok, let me start by mentioning that i will never go to this place again in my life, my experience was horrible in every way. first of all, we were four, we asked them if two of us could eat from a different place and sit on their tables, they agreed. we asked the guy who works there to recommend the best sandwich in their restaurant, he seemed careless and bored. anyways, we ordered (mushroom/cheese & chicken/garlic wraps) the small size (which was EXTREMELY SMALL) not even for a one person! add to the fact that both wraps were tasteless, not salty and not good at all. we also ordered two fresh lemon juices (which they did not bring) BUT YET they added on the bill..which was 14 JD and went down to 6 because we mentioned that they did not bring the juice! ( he did not even say he is sorry he forgot or even offer to bring the juice). and when we ordered the bill, on of the staff was too busy sitting on one of the tables having lunch and he seemed bothered that we interrupted his meal to pay!! i was really frustrated that i wasted my time and money on such a place, thank god Gerard was near to compensate my bad experience
  • Review by ديانا of مطعم أومامي فيوجن
    قبل 8 سنوات
    i tried this place twice, first experience was okay but i only ordered noodles so i could not really tell,. and since i am a chinese food lover i went there last week. although the place is big but it is warm..very nice settings. appetizers were alright ( we ordered chicken balls and spring rolls) , i ordered fried noodles and honey chicken and also tried the beef with broccoli.. i must say food looked great but i could not really enjoy the taste because the food was very salty! the waiters and waitresses are so friendly and served the food so quick. we were 5 and we paid 15 Jds each, there was (11 Jds service for the whole table) which i thought was too much i guess !?! Mixed feelings about visiting this place anytime soon!!
  • Review by ديانا of شاورما وُك
    قبل 8 سنوات
    جربت هادا المكان زماااان... وكانت تجربتي كتير سيئة.. بس بالصدفة قررت أرجع أجربه مرة تانية. أولاً المحل موقعة بشارع المدينة وكتيير أزمة ومافي مصفات. الشخص الي بالمحل كتير خدوم وبقدم اقتراحات. هالمحل بقدم شاورما بجميع الانواع ... صيني مكسيكي وبيروتي وعامل اشي جديد هو عبارة عن بطاطا مع صوص غريبة تشيز ومشروم أو تشيز وتشكن. المهم أنا قررا أجرب وجبة خفيففة اسمها شاورما بيروتي. وهي عبارة عن جاج وبندورة وزعتر ومخلل بخبز شراك وبيجي معها بطاطا وك المشهورة بالبهارات الزاكية . والطعم كان روعة بس بردت شوي عشان المحل ما فيو قعدة .. كان لازم ننتظر لنوصل. اجمالاُ تجربتي كانت جيدة ..بس كنت بفضل لو يفتحوا فرع تاني لهالمحل ويكون فيه قعدة ولو زغيرة.. اسعارة معقولة كتير
  • Review by ديانا of لا رويال عمان
    قبل 8 سنوات
    Ok, im in shock, I had ftoor in royal last Ramadan and I remember it was really good. So we got invitation to have ftoor in royal this Ramadan. I heard that the food is not good in ramadan’s buffet but I thought how bad could it be? Well, it was extremely bad! Starting with the cold bread and tasteless salads to the main dishes and deserts. I couldn’t find one thing that I enjoyed. Salad looked and tasted old, I couldn’t find one Italian dish in the main dishes. There was kharouf and fatteh and homos and falafel! No Chinese even. Shawerma was really salty and mayonnaise seemed old too. About deserts, I must say the station looked yummy at the buffet but the taste was exactly the opposite. Although the buffet deserves less than 2 stars but I had to put one for the hotel itself because it is a five star hotel afterall! I was invited so I wasn’t as disappointed as someone who paid 35 jds to have ftoor. Although the true value is Zero!
  • Review by ديانا of كباب إكسبرس
    قبل 8 سنوات
    مبارح كنا حابين ناكل اشي خفيف وما بنصح فقررنا نجرب كباب اكسبرس ولانه كان النا تجربة سابقة أنهم كتير بتأخروا بتحضير الطلب قررنا أنه نحكي معهم قبل بوقت عشان يحضروا الطلب، وبالفعل اجينا لقينا الصحون على الطاولة. احنا كنا أربعة وطلبنا وجبة بكفي لاربعة وهي عبارة عن صحن كباب مشكل وصحن فتوش و 4 بطاطا وصحن حمص وبيبسي. بالنسبة للمقبلات كانت روعة بس الجاج كان كنير قاسي كأنه محروق أما الكباب فعلى العكس تماما كان طري لدرجة أنه بتفتفت. واللحمة الشقف ما كانت زاكية كتير. أنا طلبت لبن شنينة (بعملوا هناك) وبالنسبة الي استمتعت فيه أكتر اشي. الخدمة جيدة نوعا ما ولكن ممكن تكون أفضل. -سعر الوجبة كان 22 والصراحة كانت كافية للجميع. -في صعوبة بوجود مكان للاصطفاف -عندهم E-points
  • Review by ديانا of سكن الثقة للطالبات
    قبل 8 سنوات
    من الصيف الماضي وأنا بدور على مسبح نظيف ومرتب للبنات وعن طريق وحدة من صحباتي اندليت على هدا السكن. االبركة بتكون على الروف (موقعها عالي ) ومناسبة جداً للتشميس و ال TAN وفي سن معين للدخولية ( 20 فما فوق) والدخولية 12 دينار غير شاملة الاكل. ممكن تطلب أكل وأرجيلة بس أنا ما جربته . يفضل أنه على الساعة 9 تكونوا هناك لانه بصير عجقة بعد هيك. الصراحة هو يمكن يكون صغير شوي وعجقة ومرات ما بكون في كراسي التشميس بس أنا ما لقيت مسبح بنات أفضل منه.
  • Review by ديانا of اسواق الرنتيسي
    قبل 8 سنوات
    كانت مبارح ثالث زيارة الي للمحل والصراحة كتير كانت تجربة حلوة.. الرنتيسي محل كتير كبير للوازم البيت وفيه كتير شغلات من كاسات وصحون وأدوات منزلية وطناجر و حتي شامبو وورد اصطناعي. واهم اشي بهدا المحل أنه اسعارة كتير مناسبة ورخيصة وبعمل عروض رهيبة وهادا الاشي أعطى المحل روح حلوة لانه دايما مليان ناس وعائلات . الصراحة أنا ما كنت ناوية أجيب اشي بس شفت طقم كاسات (6 كاسات ) للشرب بدينار!!! وما قدرت أقاوم. موقعه سهل وما بضيع وفي أماكن اصطفاف كافية. بنصح المتجوزين جديد وحابين يجيبو لوازم منزلية معتدلة السعر أنهم يروحوا على الرنتيسي.
  • Review by ديانا of يوشي
    قبل 8 سنوات
    i heard about this place from alot of people. but since i am not a sushi fan i wasnt really interested in visiting it. but yesterday was my first. i really liked the place. cozy atmosphere and the outdoor terrace is amazing. the decor is beautiful . ofcourse everyone on my table ordered sushi but i ordered vegitables noodles (it was good but i had better) and the main dish was chicken teriyaki..it was good, rich in flavor . staff are very friendly. i had a good time and will be visiting real soon. it is Kind of expensive and they have Epoints..
  • Review by ديانا of ليفينغ روم لوفت
    قبل 8 سنوات
    yesterday was my first visit to this place. first of all you definitely need to reserve before you go because it is almost full every night and specially on weekends. i must say i was amazed by the view of this place. you can see Jabal Amman from there. very charming. it is a little bit dark so you cannot really notice the running water under the tables unless you sit. i thought it is very creative to see water running under your plate! it actually got me thristy!! unfortunately we couldnt try their food for two reasons, first our reservation time was limited (8:00-9:30) and the menu was a total mess! i couldnt know what to order!! and the only thing i wanted wasnt on the menu !! i cant really judge this place completely unless i visit it again and try their food. but all in all, it is worth a shot. serves alcohol and has vallet service.
  • Review by ديانا of مقهى ومطعم 56
    قبل 8 سنوات
    i heard about this place before the opening and was very excited to try it. so i was a little bit lost in directons so i called them and the person who answered was very friendly. and when i got to the place he wanted to make sure that i undestood the directions. it is an outdoor cafe (serves argeeleh) , nice atmosphere , big screens on the wall , perfect for game matches . the food was okay,they served salads and pizzas, and i must say i enjoyed the appetizers the most. . very friendly staff, i would like to try the indoor part in my next visit.
  • Review by ديانا of ماي ماركت
    قبل 8 سنوات
    i went to my market in Mecca St. twice. and i really liked the place. its very neat and well-organized. probably because it is new. you can find new products with lots of qantities in this market. i was searching for a specific kind of jello and i only found it there. the staff are friendly and helpful .. and the know exactly where is everything.
  • Review by ديانا of جوس بانغ بانغ
    قبل 8 سنوات
    iv been to Juice bangbang before but i remember that i didnt like it at all ,i ordered jasmine ice tea with bubbles based on the recommandation of place's owner. i couldnt drink half of it. anyways, i went to Juice bangbang yesterday and i must say i loved it. it was a hot friday and i ordered orange passion fruit smoothie. it was superb. i enjoyed every sip! its perfect for the summer heat, and the place is so nice and chilled and perfect for catching up with a friend or if you are in a hurry and you want something fresh on the go will def try the other kinds and waffales on saturdays. little bit over priced and finding a place to park is not that easy .
  • Review by ديانا of بافلو وينغز آند رنغز
    قبل 8 سنوات
    i went to buffalo wings and rings today for lunch and for the first time, i liked the atmosphere of the place, American and chilled...there were big screen TV's showing some football match ( didnt know who was playing since im not a fan ) . we were four and very hungry ..we ordered natchos , onion rings and cheese sticks for starters ..they were great! and then we decided to get the boneless buffalo chicken wings with different sauces..we chose the classic (buffalo) and (crazy sauce ) and (sweet and sour sauce) my best sauce was the sweet and sour it was really good...as crazy comes second then suprisingly buffalo sauce was the least best! we enjoyed the experience and the price was reasonable .. ..staff are really friendly!

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